How to Get Car or Truck Out When Stuck in Mud, Sand or Snow in Duncanville, TX

Often drivers find themselves stuck in the mud, sand, or snow during winter conditions. Most people will try to get themselves out on their own. However, in many cases they make it worse. With the proper steps you can successfully get your vehicle out of these sticky situations in many instances. However, there are times when the terrain is just either too loose or wet, and in order to get your vehicle out without digging it further into the ground, you will need to be winched out. Citywide Towing can help should this happen. However, we have some advice on how to successfully get your vehicle moving again in the different scenarios you may find yourself stuck in. Citywide Towing will explain the best methods to get your vehicle out of snow, mud and sand.

Must have Tools to Get a Car Unstuck by Yourself

1. A short handle shovel is widely used to help dig out the loose mud, dirt, sand or snow. You will find this is an essential tool to keep with you.
2. Whether you like to off-road or frequently drive on questionable roads, you should obtain a hi-lift jack that cannot only lift the weight of the heavier vehicle, it can also raise your vehicle higher giving it a better chance of getting out of a deep hole.
3. Tow straps: In the event you can get assistance from another driver, you can strap your vehicle to the other person’s vehicle to help pull you out.
4. A sturdy board or steel track gives your vehicle a solid surface.

How to Get a Car or Truck Out of the Mud

One of the worst ways to get stuck in the mud is to drive through ruts made by another vehicle with bigger and taller tires than what you have. When you find yourself stuck in the mud you should first try to get yourself out by going in reverse and changing the direction so you are no longer in the same rut. When changing directions, turn the steering wheel from side to side. If you’re stuck and can’t get out, grab your shovel and remove all of the mud directly in front of your tires. Then place a firm solid object like a large flat rock or board and wedge it as much as you can underneath the tire or tires that are dug in. Get into your vehicle and accelerate your vehicle forward. If that doesn’t work, repeat this same process but in the rear of the tire and try going in reverse. If you have another vehicle and driver, you should use the tow strap to assist in getting you out. If you don’t have help from another vehicle, then contact a towing company that offers winch out services.

Car or Truck Stuck in Sand? How to Get Out

When driving through loose sand it is best not to stop or park directly on the sandy areas. However in the event you happen to get stuck in sand, don’t try to accelerate to get out. Once you know you’re stuck, stop or you will just dig deeper into the sand. Once again get your shovel and dig the sand away form your tires. Use your hi-lift jack to lift the tire up from the ground. You may need something that helps prevent the jack from sinking into the ground, such as a sturdy board, a wide large rock, or a solid object will work. Raise the tire high enough to place a track like object to give your tire better traction underneath the tires. Lower your vehicle and remove the jack. You should now be able to accelerate your vehicle out of the sand. Don’t stop your vehicle until you’re on a solid surface.

How to Get a Car Unstuck from Ice & Snow

During the cold winter months, many find themselves stuck in the snow. During the winter it is wise to always have snow chains with you or on your tires. In order to get yourself out of the snow, you will follow the same set of steps as being stuck in the mud. It helps to use boards or a track to help you get out, much like sand. First make sure to have your snow chains on even if you’re on a paved road as your tires may not be able to grip because of the icy surface. Remove any snow in front of the tires. You can use boards or even branches in order to give your vehicle traction. Increasing the weight of your vehicle also helps, if you have that option. Once you’ve put something in front of your tire to give it traction, slowly accelerate your vehicle. If this fails you might need to get a towing company to free your vehicle.

Roadside Assistance & Towing Services in Duncanville, Grand Prairie, Arlington, Irving, Mesquite & Greater Dallas, Texas

If you’re unable to get your vehicle out yourself after a few attempts, it is best to have a towing company come wrench you out. Citywide Towing can help get your vehicle out of sand, mud, snow or ditches. Contact Citywide Towing when you need our services.

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