How to Get Keys Out of a Locked Car in Sachse, TX; Roadside Assistance Auto Lockouts & More

You’ve locked yourself out of your car. Talk about a frustrating experience. If you’re lucky, you’ve hidden an extra key somewhere. If not, there are a few things you can try, but you may need to call for professional help if you have a certain type of lock.

How to Unlock Your Car Door when Keys are Locked Inside

1. Unlock a Car Door with a Coat Hanger or Knife? If you have small buttons on the ledge of the window for the locks, you can use a coat hanger, if you have one. Create a small hook on one end and then insert the straightened hanger into the rubber that surrounds the window. As soon as you feel the door button, loop the hook around it and pull up. This is much easier than it sounds and can result in damage to your vehicle so it is not advised!
2. Unlock Car Without a Key Via Trunk. If you have a vehicle that gives you access to the car through the trunk after you move the seats back, it might be easier than you think. But this will only work if you can access the trunk. The trunk is also a great place to hide a spare key.
3. Call for Auto Lockout Roadside Assistance. If your car has locks that are recessed inside the door handle you will need professional help. If you call a towing company, make sure they offer lockout services. If you try and do it yourself, without the right tools, you can damage your car or yourself.
4. Buy a New Remote Car Door Opener. Newer cars have digital keys or electronic door openers that will prevent you from locking your keys in the car. This is great. The only problem is if you lose that key or opener, you will need to order a new one that can be expensive. If it needs to be ordered, you could be waiting days and you will still need to call for help.
5. Use the Override Switch to Unlock Car. More on the electronic door opener. You might be able to open the car if you have one, but if you’ve lost it outside the car you might not be able to start it. Your car might have an override switch that will allow you to start your car without the opener. Check the owner’s manual to see if your car is equipped with this switch, so you’ll know in the future.
6. Use the Key Code to Access Vehicle. Sometimes roadside emergency services can get the car open for you if you have the key code that comes from the manufacturer. Knowing what that key code is along with personal identification means you can have a new key made. Keep your key code somewhere safe so you can use it in an emergency situation.

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Do you have a habit of locking yourself out of your car? If you do, you might want to purchase a magnetic box that will allow you to hide a spare key on your vehicle somewhere. These magnetic boxes can adhere to a metal surface and can be easily hidden. Car lockouts happen all the time, for all sorts of reasons. It will happen without any warning, and probably at the worst possible time. If you find yourself in need of lockout services, contact Citywide Towing Service for help.

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