How to Improve Gas Mileage Fuel Economy in Grapevine, TX; Properly Inflated Tires & More

Everyone wants to get the best gas mileage possible with the gas prices what they are at the pumps. Did you know there are several ways you may be able to improve your gas mileage? Some tricks and tips are more involved than others, but there are several somewhat simple things you can do to improve your gas mileage. Citywide Towing Service is here to share some gas mileage tips to help you avoid running out of gas and finding yourself stranded on the side of the road.

Drive Conservatively to Save Gas

When you are the first off the line at every stoplight, you are not only failing to impress the person beside you, you are wasting your gas as well. Watch yourself as you accelerate so that you can do so slowly to improve your gas mileage.

Why Does Properly Inflated Tires Greatly Improve Fuel Efficiency?

In your owner’s manual, you will see what your vehicle manufacturer recommends setting your tire pressure to. This will improve your gas mileage considerably. When your tires aren’t inflated properly, it can increase the rolling resistance as they roll down the road.

Loose Gas Cap Leads to Poor Gas Mileage

If air makes its way into your gas tank through a gas cap that hasn’t been properly sealed, your vehicle will burn more gas than it normally would as it runs. Make sure you hear the click when you are putting on your gas cap at the pump to ensure the seal is made.

Avoid Idling to Improve Fuel Economy

Sometimes idling is necessary; especially when you are sitting in traffic on your way home from work. However, if you are simply waiting for your kid to come out of soccer practice, turn off the vehicle to avoid wasting gas while you are sitting there idling.

Gas Up in the Morning to Get Better Gas Mileage

This may seem like a peculiar tip for extending your mileage, but the reason is simple. During morning hours, the ground that stores the gas at the gas pump is still cool. During the day it will heat up and as it does, the petrol stored beneath the ground will start to expand. When you fill up in the morning, you will get petrol that hasn’t expanded yet. When you fill up in the afternoon, you may not be getting the full gallon that the pump is saying that you are because the petrol is expanded. You could save a couple dollars each time you fill up when you follow this tip.

Clean Fuel Injectors

It’s a good idea to clean your fuel injectors every now and then. Your fuel injectors will function as they should and work more efficiently. This means that you will end up getting more efficient gas mileage in the process.

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