How to Increase Fuel Efficiency & Modifications to Improve Gas Mileage in Lancaster, TX

The cost of gas is more affordable now that it has been in the past, but that doesn’t change much. Most people are looking for ways to save money at the gas pump and extend the gas mileage of their vehicle. There are several different approaches in doing this effectively. Citywide Towing Service is here to walk you through several different techniques that could end up saving you money in fuel for your vehicle.

Car Weight Reduction; Make Your Vehicle Lighter

You may not realize how much stuff you have in your car until you are trying to get rid of extra weight. The more weight you have in your vehicle, the worse gas mileage you are going to get. It’s time to clean out the trunk of your car and get rid of anything you can that may be weighing down your car.

Keeping Your Tires Properly Inflated Will Improve Your Vehicle’s Fuel Efficiency

You should always be aware of how your tires are doing. This includes how inflated they are. If your tires are underinflated, this will decrease your gas mileage. However, if they are overinflated, they aren’t going to get the traction that they need to keep you safe. Your owner’s manual should tell you how much pressure should be in each tire to give you the best balance between mileage and traction.

What Problems Can a Loose Gas Cap Cause

If your gas cap isn’t making a good seal when it is tightened, the oxygen that is making its way in there will make your car use more fuel to operate. Over time, the seal on your gas cap may start to crack and allow this to happen. You can purchase a new gas cap at your dealer or any auto parts store for a reasonable amount of money.

Drive at a Reasonable Speed

While getting to your destination faster is always appealing, if you are driving too fast it isn’t good for your gas mileage. Anytime you are driving above 60 mph you burning more gas than you would under that speed. Driving a bit slower could not only save you money on gas, but you won’t have to worry about speeding tickets either.

Coast to Stop Signs & Red Lights

If you know that you aren’t going to be able to make it through a light before it turns red, it doesn’t do anyone any favors to punch on the gas. All this is doing is bringing down your gas mileage. When you can see that you have no chance of making it, let your vehicle coast to a stop to safe on fuel costs.

Cruise Control Advantages

If you are like most people, when driving on the freeway, you are trying to keep up with the person in front of you. This is wasting fuel and bringing down your gas mileage. Set your cruise control and keep your car at a reasonable speed to save gas.

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