How to Keep Car Battery from Dying & Your Vehicle Failing in Cold Weather in Dallas, TX

In comparison to many parts of the U.S. the winters in Dallas, TX are fairly mild. With chillier temperatures, crisper air, the element of winter, even here, your vehicle can still be affected. It is always nice to be prepared for a potential emergency or mechanical failure before beginning your journey. To expedite the process of being rescued, should you find the need for a tow or roadside services, have Citywide Towing Service’s contact information saved in your cell phone. Additionally, there are several steps drivers in Texas can do to help avoid having your vehicle fail. In an effort to help you avoid such inconveniences, we at Citywide Towing Service have prepared a list of tips and suggestions on how you can avoid vehicle problems.

How to Avoid Vehicle Failure this Cold Winter Season

Drivers commonly have tire trouble, fluid problems, battery issues, and other such dilemmas when the months are chillier. Preserving the performance of your vehicle can help prevent the odds of these failures and you can do that with routine car maintenance.
1) Oil and oil filter changes: Engine oil is the primary ingredient to keeping every part, hinge, and cylinder that spins moving smoothly and proficiently. Being a chemical fluid, the oil breaks down and collects soil and debris, requiring it to be changed for fresh and clean oil and oil filters. The vehicle’s performance can be hindered or stopped all together if the oil depletes or becomes thick from the filth. In the event that your vehicle is malfunctioning from neglected oil changes, call Citywide Towing Service for fluid delivery or a tow.
2) Battery check and cleaning: An important element to keeping your vehicle functional is keeping the battery securely connected and clean as well as keeping the battery charged. On a routine basis, check the battery’s strength and connections. Citywide Towing Service can help jump start the battery or tow it to your mechanics if it fails in the cold air.
3) Monthly tire inspection: Once a month or so, tires should be inspected for tire pressure as well as the tread, especially in the fall and winter months. Should you succumb to the winter elements or the passage of time, Citywide Towing Service is readily available for tire changing roadside services or towing service if necessary.
4) Light check: Your visibility drops without proper illumination and winter months have fewer hours of sunlight and more hours of darkness. Ensuring all lights are functional can help maximize your visibility so check blinkers, hazards, and brake lights frequently.
5) Dirty air filters replacement: The efficiency of your vehicle’s engine is impacted by dirty, clogged air filters, which happens over time. It will also cause the air inside your vehicle to become contaminated with outdoor contaminants and affect the efficiency of the heating system.
6) Keep an emergency roadside kit in your vehicle: Including the essentials in your emergency kit can come in handy for an assortment of scenarios.

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