How to Make Tires Last Longer in Carrollton, TX; Check Air Pressure, Car Alignment & More

Here at Citywide Towing Service we frequently tow vehicles as a result of tire blowouts. When your tires blowout it can be a scary experience for anyone in the car. Once you have safely gotten to the side of the road the anxiety continues as you contemplate how much it is going to cost to replace your tires. We have a few tips here that will help your tires last longer so that anxiety does not have to happen as frequently.

Check Tire Air Pressure

One of the easiest things that car owners can do is check the air pressure in their tires monthly. Driving your car when the air pressure in your tires is not right can cause sluggish handling, an increase in stopping distance, increase wear and tear, and increased risk of a blowout. Your tires will naturally change air pressure. In the colder winter months air pressure can lower. The hot summer months can increase your tire air pressure. Every tire has a PSI (pound per square inch) of pressure that is suggested to make your tire function at its best. Having the correct air pressure will also improve the fuel efficiency of your car. If you tires are underinflated you will get fewer miles to the gallon and spend more on gas than you need to. You will want to check and adjust your tire air pressure monthly.

Is Tire Rotation Necessary?

Tires do not typically “drive” the car all at the same time. In most cars, only one or two wheels drive your car at a time. Cars that have front-wheel drive utilize the two front tires more than the back tires. The opposite is true of rear-wheel drive vehicles. Even all-wheel drive vehicles can see uneven wear, as most shirt the drive from wheel to another. This causes your tires to wear unevenly. The best way to combat your tires wearing out unevenly is to rotate your tires every 5,000 miles. Rotating your tires is done by moving your tires to different wheel positions on your vehicle. Moving your tires to a different position will help tires that have been used more get a rest and tires that have had a rest the opportunity to get a break.

Wheel Balancing Procedure

When you have your tires rotated it is recommended that you also get your wheels balanced. All tires and wheels have a heavy spot in them, even brand new ones. Many times the difference is extremely small, measured in one-quarter to one-half ounces, but that small difference can cause your tires to wear unevenly or to make your car vibrate. Many tire retailers offer free rotation and balancing services to their customers. Even if there is a charge to balance your wheels, it will definitely be cheaper than the cost of replacing your tires.

Car Alignment Check

The next time you drive your car down a street with no cars on it, take your hands off the wheel and see what directions your car naturally drifts to. You may notice that your car drifts to the right or to the left. If this happens it is time to have your tires aligned. Anytime you bump your car up against a parking lot barrier, hit a pothole, or hit the curb, something in your car has to give, and most frequently it is your tire alignment. Tire misalignment can make your tears wear more quickly than necessary and can reduce your fuel efficiency. Just like tire rotation and balancing, having your tires aligned routinely should be done about every 5,000 miles and can be included free of charge by some tire retailers.

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Making sure that you perform these simple tire maintenance steps will help your tires last longer. They will also help you to notice any problems with your tires tread so that you can fix the problem before you have a blowout on the side of the road. We hope that these tire maintenance tips help you! If you still find yourself on the side of the road and need your car to be towed give CityWide Towing a call!

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