How to Prevent Car Break Ins at Home or in Parking Lots in Cockrell Hill, TX; Keep Doors Locked & More

Auto break-ins and other theft is an ever growing problem throughout America. Theft of a vehicle is a little less problematic these days as modern vehicles have tracking devices that help law enforcement find a stolen vehicle. However, break-ins still occur all the time, mostly now to steal valuables inside the vehicle. Broken windows, glove boxes or stolen radio systems are not cheap to repair or replace. Therefore, it is natural to want to prevent crimes from occurring. Citywide Towing Service will share a few tips to help reduce or prevent you from becoming another auto break-in victim.

Do Not Leave Valuables in Your Car

Valuables come in many different forms such as money, expensive stereo systems, and even power tools. Some of the most reported break-in are from those who keep power tools locked inside their vehicle for work. As it can be easy to spot larger power tools (and some work trucks are packed full of them) you will want to make the attempt to keep all valuables hidden or not in the vehicle. Never leave watches, wallets or other valuables within sight as they often provoke break-ins.

Stay in the Light or in Sight of Security Cameras when Parking

Avoid parking in dark or isolated areas as they provide better opportunity for a break-in to occur. Parking in lighted parking lots or monitored parking lots are much safer, especially for those who work during nighttime hours. At home, park your vehicle inside the garage whenever possible. However, many homeowners often use much of the space inside their garage for things other than their vehicles. If parking outside in the driveway, make sure that there is plenty of light or consider installing a monition sensor light to deter thieves. Another option is to install a security camera in view of your vehicle, and make sure to advertise your camera and alarm system.

Car Window Tinting

Tinting and blocking the windows is often a great deterrent as thieves can’t see what is in the vehicle. They are less likely to take the chance of breaking inside the vehicle if they don’t know if valuables are inside. Tinting the windows will also help keep the inside of the vehicle cool during the summer.

How to Prevent Your Car Stereo from Being Stolen

Some people must install expensive stereo systems in their vehicle and thieves often notice it. When installing attractive stereo systems in your vehicle, you make your vehicle a bigger target. Remind yourself of the risks you are adding with an enhanced stereo. For those who want to take that chance, install a stereo that has a removable faceplate and take it with you or hide it. When the faceplate is missing it makes your stereo useless and therefore reduces the chance of a break-in.

Keep Car Doors Locked & Windows Rolled Up

It goes without saying, you will want to keep your vehicle secured as possible. This means to always keep the door locked and the windows fully rolled up. Most thieves are looking for the easiest or most lucrative vehicles to break into. They don’t want the attention of breaking a window or taking the time to pick a door lock. Simply make breaking into your vehicle as challenging as possible and it can help reduce your chances of being broken into.

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Make your vehicle’s safety a priority to prevent you from becoming a victim of an auto break-in. For quality towing and roadside assistance services, contact Citywide Towing Service today.

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