How to Prevent Locking Keys in Your Car & Needing an Auto Lockout Service in Grand Prairie, TX

Everyone has felt it; that dreadful feeling you get when you realize that you just locked your car and your keys are still inside it. This always seems to happen at the most inopportune times. There are some tips out there that can help car owners avoid this predicament. Citywide Towing Service is here to try and help you avoid locking your keys in your car, leaving you stranded on the side of the road or in a parking lot.

Create Car Key Exit Strategy Habits When Leaving the Car

A tip that has proven to be helpful for many people in avoiding a locked car with no keys, is to come up with a habitual process when leaving the car. Try to come up with an exit strategy that you use every time no matter what. If you are used to following a system that includes your keys in your hand when leaving your vehicle, you will more than likely, never leave your car without those keys in your hand.

If Your Vehicle has a Key Fob, Use It

For those vehicles with a key fob, use it! If you find yourself always looking for the key fob to lock the door, you won’t be able to lock your car otherwise. Get in the habit of using that key fob and you won’t lock your car again without it. It is important to keep a good eye on the batteries in your key fob to ensure you don’t run into a dead key fob battery.

Make Sure You Have At Least One Spare Replacement Key

Hopefully, when you bought your car, it came with more than one key. If this wasn’t the case, you should look into having at least one spare key made. If you have a key that doesn’t have a fob and doesn’t have a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chip in it, you can get another key made at a locksmiths or hardware store. For those that have a key with RFID, you will need to call your dealership and make arrangements to have one made. It is worth having a spare key no matter where you have to go to have it made. Some handy places to keep your spare key include:
• Purse or wallet
• At home in an easily accessible area
• Hidden on the outside of your car via a magnetic lock box

Auto Lockout Roadside Assistance, Emergency Towing & More in Duncanville, Grand Prairie, Arlington, Irving, Mesquite & Greater Dallas, Texas

It seems that sometimes locking your keys in your car happens no matter how careful you are. In the case that you find yourself stranded, you want to have the right phone number ready and available to get the help you need. The roadside assistance team at Citywide Towing Service are ready and waiting for any call for those stranded with nowhere to go. Whether you have locked your keys in your car, or are on the side of the road with a flat tire, we can help you get on your way again in no time. Call us today for any roadside assistance needs.

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