How to Properly Tow Your Vehicle; Is a Flatbed or Wheel Lift Towing Truck Better in Wylie, TX?

When you find yourself in the situation of needing a tow, you want to get the right tow truck. Depending on your reasoning for needing a tow, the type of tow truck used will vary. There are two major types of tow trucks used: there is a wheel lift and a flatbed tow truck. To better understand the uses of the different types of tow trucks, Citywide Towing Service will share the differences between the two tow trucks and the situations they are better suited for.

How Do You Tow with a Wheel Lift?

A wheel lift tow truck is slightly smaller than other tow trucks. This is because they are not carrying the full body of a vehicle. A wheel lift tow truck will anchor to either the front or rear wheels of the vehicle and wheel away the other side off the vehicle. Most wheel lift tow trucks use a winch to help load the vehicle and in some cases, winch out a vehicle that may be stuck in the mud or in a ditch. A wheel lift tow truck can tow vehicles that are broken down but is still able to move. For example, if a vehicle was involved in a major wreck and can’t roll away you will need a different tow truck. A wheel lift isn’t used for motorcycles and is not typically used for exotic vehicles. However exotic vehicles still can be towed with a wheel lift.

Do I Need a Flatbed Tow Truck?

A flatbed tow truck is fairly popular for a number of different reasons. This tow truck has a large bed where the vehicle in question is loaded onto it. No part of the vehicle makes contact with the road. The entire vehicle is loaded on the bed of the tow truck. Another feature of a flatbed tow truck is the winch. The winch on a flatbed tow truck is very powerful and is often required to recover vehicles that may have rolled over or have been in a major accident. When a vehicle is severely damaged and needs to be rolled away, you will need a flatbed tow truck. Many people will request a flatbed tow truck when they need to transport motorcycles and classic or exotic vehicles. A flatbed tow truck offers more protection and reduces wear on the tires, especially if the vehicle needs to be transported long distances.

Communicate with Towing Service

When you have a need for a towing service it helps to communicate your needs to the towing service. When requesting a tow, make sure to provide certain details such as the state or condition of the vehicle. If the vehicle is stuck in a ditch or has rolled over, the right winch out service can be provided. If a vehicle has been in an accident or multiple tires are flat, you may need a flatbed tow truck. If you need a fast tow and the vehicle is still operable, a wheel lift is the cheaper tow service. If you want the added benefits of a flatbed tow truck, do not be shy in requesting the tow truck you want.

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