How to Pull a Gooseneck Trailer & Do All Tow Truck Services Offer Heavy Duty Towing in Forest Hill, TX?

If you need to have your car towed you call a tow truck company and they can come out with a standard tow truck. They can even bring with them a flatbed if the job is one that requires the vehicle to be lifted up off the ground. These are not the only times that you might need a tow truck. You could need to have a tow for some heavy duty item as well. The tow truck has a weight limit that is recommended for certain things machinery and objects that has a very specific job. You want to make sure you always tell the tow company what you are having towed so that the right equipment can be brought out. Citywide Towing Service explores gooseneck trailers and what to do if you need one towed!

How are Gooseneck Trailers Measured?

Farmers, ranchers, construction professionals and the like often use gooseneck trailers to transport livestock and heavy machinery. Towing companies usually have several types of towing equipment so that they can tow anything that might come across their path. One of the options that they may have is a gooseneck trailer. This is a trailer that is different in the way that it is attached to the truck. The normal towing capacity is attached at the tow hitch of the truck. When it comes to a gooseneck trailer it is attached over the axle of the truck instead. The weight is then over the back axle and that allows the weight that is then added to the trailer to be distributed out much more evenly. You may have seen this type of trailer during a road trip. When it comes to towing the way that things are towed are a science. The science behind the way that things are towed and what type of equipment is used is best left to a professional. They will know when to use a wheel lift, flatbed, gooseneck, winch or other equipment that might be needed. The gooseneck trailer is important when you are trying to tow an item that is heavy. There are some common things that the gooseneck is used for and that is when you see someone towing livestock or large and heavy equipment. The livestock is usually heavy and moves around so this is the option. It also is the best way to move heavy items as well.

Do All Tow Truck Services Offer Heavy Duty Towing?

When it comes to tow companies some of them want to just do the standard towing like a car broke down on the side of the road. They do not all have the capability for heavy duty equipment. Be sure that when you call for a tow you ask ahead of time if they offer this specialty service.

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