How to Remove Sticky Labels & Residues from Vehicle Windows to Avoid a Car Accident in Cockrell Hill, TX

To avoid damage and impeding the vision from the windshield, it is important to remove the sticker residue properly. You can damage the windshield during the process, causing nicks and cracks, or worse requiring you to replace. Today, we at Citywide Towing Service would like to offer some tips for removing stickers and their residues from the glass of the vehicle.

How to Remove Sticky Labels from Glass Windows

1) Window Cleaner. On your vehicle window, spray window cleaner onto a sticker. Gradually pull the sticker off the window, use a razor to chip away at the sticker carefully. Until the sticker is fully removed from the window, repeat the spray, chip, and pull process.
2) Rubbing Alcohol. To a sticker on your car window, soak rubbing alcohol. After a few minutes, while the sticker is still damp, slowly pull the sticker off the window.
3) Ice. Place an ice pack or bag the ice on a sticker. Use a razor to remove it using a razor until sticker feels cold.
4) Goo Gone. Spray Goo Gone on the sticker and allow the product to soak in about 3-5 minutes. With a putty knife, plastic scraper, or your fingernail, peel the sticker off your car window. Wash the window surface with hot, soapy water when the sticker is finally removed.
Any of these products can be helpful as long as you are working at the sticker slowly and with patience. You can get the sticker off your window and avoid window damage effectively. Removing stickers from windows that are tinted can be challenging on the older methods of tinting. Glue cleaner can be applied to any area in which window tint glue needs to be removed. Use a razor to carefully scrape the residue off.

Addition Tips to Remove the Stickers

You need to plan ahead if you want to safely and effectively remove a sticker from your windshield. Below are additional tips to remove sticker off your windshield and avoid window damage.
1) Use the Right Materials. Enabling you to get a sticker off your windshield without delay, a window cleaner or other sticker removal product are essential. To peel a sticker off your windshield you can pick up a razor to help or use a sturdy plastic card like an expired credit card or library card. Have a clean cloth rag and all-purpose cleaning spray on hand, and once the sticker and its residue are removed, properly clean your windshield.
2) Apply Heat. To accelerate the process of removing a sticker from your windshield, you can direct heat from the hairdryer or heat gun sometimes helps. Keep the device a few inches away from the sticker you want to remove and hover around it. With some patience, you should be able to remove the sticker from your windshield.
3) Focus on the Loose Corners. To immediately remove it from your windshield, a loose corner around a sticker provides a golden opportunity. You can use a scraper to pull the sticker off your windshield slowly when you see a loose corner. Be sure all residue is efficiently removed.

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