How to Safely Change a Flat Tire in Wylie, TX; Tools Needed, Where to Put the Jack & Other Tips

There are many examples where drivers under the influence or simply not paying attention have collided with folks trying to change their tire on the side of the road. It is an unfortunate event that can be avoided, but when you need to change your tire on the side of the road, you should be able to do it under safe conditions. Citywide Towing Service would like to offer some tips and advice on how to change your tire and do it as safely as possible.

Tools Needed, Where to Put the Jack When Changing a Flat Tire & Other Tips

1) Try to get to a safe location. Finding the safest place to change the tire is top priority if the tire is capable; do not cause additional damage trying to drive it too far. If you are on the highway and can make it to the next exit, do it, if not pull over as far from the shoulder as possible. To avoid unnecessary risk to your vehicle and yourself, avoid the curves in the road as visibility is minimized to traffic. Make sure that your parking brake is on before you exit the vehicle and the road is flat as putting your vehicle on a jack on a hill can be especially dangerous.
2) Increase visibility with lights. Flip on your hazard lights and keep your headlights to make your vehicle more visible. If you have roadside reflector triangles or flares, set them behind your vehicles a ways to be more noticed.
3) Prepare tools needed before getting started. For your convenience, to expedite the process, and make the situation safer, collect the spare tire and all the tools you need to change the flat tire and have it next to you as you work.
4) Loosen the lug nuts. First, remove the hubcap covering the lug nuts and crack them loose with your lug wrench before you jack it up. Position the wrench right to stand on it to give you more leverage if the lug nuts are tighter than your strength.
5) Jack up the vehicle. Consult your manual if you are uncertain where to place the jack, once the jack is securely located jack up the vehicle approximately 6” off the ground.
6) Remove the lug nuts. Using a star-shaped pattern, remove the lug nuts and place them in a contained area close to your work area. Pull the tire straight toward you after the lug nuts are completely removed.
7) Get the spare tire on. Carefully slide the spare tire into place and using the same star-shaped pattern, screw the lug nuts back on until the tire spins instead of the lug nut.
8) Drop the vehicle off the jack. Lower the vehicle from the jack. When the vehicle connects to the ground, follow your star pattern and tighten the lug nuts with arm strength to their full potential.
9) Clean up quickly. Quickly place the damaged tire the trunk and put all the tools as quickly as possible and get back into your vehicle.

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If you do not have any equipment, a spare tire, the knowledge or experience required, don’t want to get dirty or just do not feel like you have the capability to change the tire, call Citywide Towing Service and let our experts change the flat tire for you!

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