How to Tell if Brake Pads Are Worn in Richardson, TX to Avoid a Breakdown or Car Accident

Your vehicle’s brakes are essential when it comes to properly controlling your vehicle. Each time you drive your vehicle you use your brakes. Over time your brake pads will begin to wear down. Once this occurs, they will need to be replaced. Because your brake pads are essential, when you begin to see signs that they need to be replaced, you will want to get it done right away. For those who don’t know what signs to look for in worn down brakes, Citywide Towing Service will share some of the basic signs that tell you your brakes need replacing to avoid a breakdown or car accident.

Worn Brake Pads Make a Grinding Noise

One of the biggest warning signs that your brakes desperately need to be replaced is vibration or grinding when you press down on the brakes. When you use your vehicle’s brake and it vibrates, this is known as “pulsating brakes.” This occurs when your brake pads become distorted and worn down. If the brake pads are just distorted, and still have enough padding left on them, mechanics can shave and smooth out the distortion. If the padding is mostly gone it is best to replace your brake pads.

How to Measure Thickness of Brake Pads

You can also perform periodic inspections of your brake pads. Put your front wheels on an angle and look through your wheel spokes. You should be able to see your brake pads. If the padding left on your brake is one quarter of an inch or lower, you need to get your brakes done immediately. If you have about one half an inch left, you know you only have a little bit of time before you need to replace your brake pads.

Clicking Noise When Pressing Brakes

If while you’re driving, you hear a clicking noise as you begin to apply pressure to the brakes this is a sign they need to be replaced. Most vehicles have a device installed to hold brake pads in place and to prevent them from rattling. When the brake pads wear down, they have space to rattle around. This is a helpful indicator that you need to replace your brake pads and soon.

Squealing & Screeching Brakes While Driving

High pitched screeching noises as you slow your car down is another sign that you can hear. Brake pads use a metal footing combined with a friction material. When the friction material wears down and you are down to the metal footing as you apply your brakes, this means the metal is grinding against the rotor disc or brake disc which causes the screeching noise. You may also hear a growling or grinding noise instead of screeching noise. Typically, any noise coming from your brakes as you use them means you need to get your brakes checked and replaced.

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When you feel, see, or hear any of these of these common signs that your brake pads are worn down, you will want to have your brakes replaced right away. Whether you do or don’t though; if you experience a breakdown or car accident due to brakes or any other cause; contact Citywide Towing Service for emergency towing and roadside assistance.

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