How to Tell if You Need New Tires in Arlington, TX; Low Tread, Cracking, Bulging & Other Bad Tire Symptoms

With the many demands that many of us have on a day to day basis, the last thing that we have time to deal with is a flat tire. This is why it is so important to know what shape your tires are in. When you are paying attention to the condition of your tires, you are far less likely to experience a flat tire or a blowout. Citywide Towing is here to share some signs that will surely be there when it is time to replace your tires for a new set.

Low Tire Tread Depth

The tread on your tires will give you a good look into the overall condition of your tires. When you first get your tires put on your vehicle, you will notice that the tread is nice and deep. This is what gives your tires the grip that they need to keep you safe on the road. When your tread depth is less than 2/32 of an inch deep, you know that your tire tread is at a point that it is no longer useful. It can be difficult to measure this without a tread depth gauge. If you have a penny, you can figure it out though. First, put the penny into the tread with the head down. If you can see any part of his head, you will need to replace those tires.

Tire Tread or Sidewall Cracking

The most common cause for cracking in your tires is usually due to weather. These small cracks may seem insignificant, but they can cause blowouts if they aren’t replaced. This weakening is dangerous to drive on. The most common places to see cracking is in the sidewalls and between the tread.

Tire Sidewall Bulge

You should never look at your tires and see any bulging on the sidewall, near the rim. This is usually caused by hitting the curb or a pothole while driving fast. These bulges are a result of air getting between the inner lining of the tire and the outer layers of material. The area where the bulge has happened has been weakened to the point that the tire will need to be replaced to avoid injury and damage to your vehicle.

Tires Cause Vibration

There is always a certain amount of vibration that is usually there when you’re driving down the road. However, if you all of a sudden notice that there are new and worsening vibrations, it could be a sign of a tire that has gone flat. It can also mean that your tire is no longer balanced. This can happen when the inner part of the tire, known as the cords, have shifted. This problem indicates that the tire needs to be replaced.

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Even when you are vigilant in keeping your tires in good condition, flat tires can happen. There is debris all over the road that can cause a flat tire on a daily basis. If you have experienced a flat tire, you can call on Citywide Towing Service to help you get back on the road as soon as possible. Call us today!

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