How to Test CV Joints & What Happens When a CV Joint Fails in Wilmer, TX; Tow to a Mechanic!

There are few things in your life that you really need to have and expect to work when you need them to. One of those things happens to be your car or truck. When you come out to use your vehicle and it will not start at all you know you have a problem. There are other issues that you have with your car that aren’t diagnosed right off the bat. The car is like other moving and working parts and that means that it will over time start to wear out. When parts of the car start to wear out often there are signs that you can look for. Some of the signs mean that you could be stranded on the side of the road soon and others are a warning that you need to get to a repair shop soon. Certain aspects of your car are more well-known such as the tires and the gas gauge but there are other parts not as well known such as the CV joints.

Citywide Towing Explains the Signs a CV Joint is Failing

What is a CV Joint: The car is made up of many working parts that each have a job. They need to all be working well to ensure that you are safe on the road. One part of the car is called the CV joints. They are basically joints that are used on front wheel cars and act a lot like your hip joint. A ball inserts into a socket allowing them to be a part of the drive shaft. There is a CV joint on each end of the axle near the wheel mount. They are used to attach the steering wheel to the drive shaft and the drive shaft to the transmission. They are a huge part of the car being able to work and drive properly. It might be more common than you think that they go out or start to become damaged.
Clicking CV Joint Noise: One of the top signs you have a problem with your CV joints on your vehicle is the presence of a particular noise. New sounds that are coming from your vehicle are a huge sign that something has changed. The joints often make a ticking or clicking sound that you can hear when you start to turn the wheel. You can also hear some humming sounds when you accelerate as if you were on the freeway.
CV Joints Bouncing Sensation: Another way that you can tell you might have a problem with your CV joints is a bouncing sensation. You need to be sure that you are driving on a flat surface and see if you can tell that there really is a bouncing sensation. If you do then you might have a problem with your CV joints.

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