How to Winch a Car Out of Mud, Sand or a Ditch in Mesquite, TX; What to Do & Who to Call!

Getting into a motor vehicle accident is never pleasurable. It seems like it always happens at the worst of times. We’re driving to our destination not even aware of what lies ahead, then, BAM! Out of nowhere we find ourselves stuck in a ditch or somewhere undesirable. Getting into an accident is not only an inconvenience but can of course leave you or your loved ones with injuries requiring medical care. Any bit of help in this instance can take a load of stress off our shoulders. Not having to worry about the details of what to do with our car leaves us with the ability to focus on our and our loved one’s health. Having a reputable, qualified, and licensed tow company like Citywide Towing Service that you can trust is a must! You never know when you’ll be stuck between a rock and a hard place (literally).

What to Do & Who to Call When Car is in a Ditch

Before calling your tow company, you should be prepared to offer a clear picture of the situation at hand so that Citywide Towing Service will know which truck to send, and what equipment will be needed. Be prepared to let us know the location of the vehicle and how far away from the roadway it is. If the vehicle is stuck in mud or sand, you should have that information readily available as well, so the tow company can bring what is needed and speed up the process. Doing so will ensure things will go as smoothly as possible from this point forward. Tow truck drivers are professionally trained and know all the special techniques needed to safely remove your vehicle from the trickiest of places. Good Samaritans may try to help; however, we highly recommend leaving this to a professional tow company such as Citywide Towing. Tow trucks are equipped with lights and beacons that will alert oncoming traffic that an accident has occurred and to slow down. The driver will set out cones to redirect the traffic safely around the scene of the accident. We are also equipped with snatch blocks which aid in pulling your vehicle safely out of the trickiest of spots. You will need a truck with a winch to safely remove your vehicle from ditches, gulleys, snow, mud etc. Winches are attached to the tow truck and will be used to retrieve your vehicle. This is what winches are made for, they are strong and sturdy and are less likely to jerk the vehicle, or worse, snap or hurt someone.

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Each accident is very different so there is no set price on a job such as this. Citywide Towing Service is experienced in these matters and know exactly where to attach the winch to your vehicle as to not cause any more damage than has already been done. Towing companies insure not only themselves and their vehicles, but your vehicle as well. Contact us whenever you need a tow or roadside assistance.

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