How Towing a Car Works in Duncanville, TX; Tow Winches, Flatbed Rollback Wreckers & More

Towing is a valuable service when the occasion calls for it. It can serve as a rescue when a vehicle is stuck in deep mud, disabled, or endured an accident. Towing comes in handy when a vehicle needs to transported without putting on the miles and a multitude of other reasons. But how does it work? There are several methods that permit a tow, and today we at Citywide Towing would like to briefly relate how towing works.

Tow Truck Winch

To tow or transport vehicles and other related objects, a tow winch is often used. Typically placed at the back of towing truck or installed on a strong mounting position. A retractable cable, that is equipped on the tow trucks and wreckers that are typical used for this kind of device which is used to attach onto a disabled vehicle and is then pulled on its own two wheels or on the back of wrecker’s flatbed. Pulled or retracted as required in order to perform towing on a cable which is wrapped around a drum is one method.

Wheel Lift Towing

Another design includes a cable on the winch which is run from the drum over the boom arm, which is found on the actual truck bed, mounted on the front of the truck. Lifting the front of the vehicle from the floor and leaving the rear wheels still firmly on the ground allows the tow truck operator to place a disabled vehicle onto their tow truck. This method is reversible, where the back wheels are lifted and the front wheels are left on the floor. In addition to where the most damage, whether it is in the front or back, the method will greatly depend on the degree of damage that inflicted the vehicle.

Flatbed Rollback Wrecker

Large flat beds that can be raised so the back of the bed is tilted to the floor are special tow trucks known as wreckers. Successfully pulling a disabled vehicle forward onto the flatbed the cables reel in the disabled vehicle by a tow winch that is placed at the front of a flatbed which permits cables to be lowered. The operator will start to lower the front of the flatbed once the vehicle is safe and secure; followed then by raising the disabled vehicle from the ground onto the flatbed.

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With so many options available for towing, there is nearly not an automobile that can’t be towed in way or another. No matter the condition, size, or even if and how much damage was sustained, towing is always possible. Citywide Towing are masters in the towing industry and can happily perform any tows you are in need of, no matter the circumstances. Our fleet of equipped vehicles can manage any towing service you require and our specialists are fully capable and have the necessary training, experience, and skills valued in defensive driving, safety protocols, and towing procedures. If you are in need of a tow in the Greater Dallas, Texas area, contact Citywide Towing and let us help you!

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