I Locked My Keys in My Car, Who Do I Call in Seagoville, TX? Auto Lockout Roadside Assistance!

When you go to get into your car and discover you don’t have your keys, you may begin to panic, especially when you can see your keys locked inside. However, depending on the situation, you have many options to gain access to your vehicle. Citywide Towing Service will share what to do when you are locked out of your vehicle.

Locked Keys in Car? Check Other Locks & Spare Keys

First, it is important to stay calm and think about your options. Depending where you are will determine on how you should react. Your first option is to check each door and trunk and see if they are all locked. If you left your keys inside the car, sometimes you may discover there is an unlocked door. If your doors are indeed all locked, next you will need to see if you can get a spare key. Knowing where your spare key is can help. In such cases, it is possible for a friend or family member to bring you your spare. If you do have that option, make sure to have a safe place to wait.

Contact Roadside Assistance

If you don’t have a spare key or can’t get hold of a person who can bring you your spare key, your next best option is to contact roadside assistance service. Most towing and roadside assistance services provide auto lock out services and can unlock your vehicle without damaging it. Depending on the type of vehicle will vary on the best method of accessing the vehicle. However, all available methods won’t always cause any damages. However, if you lost your keys and they are not in the vehicle, you can have the vehicle towed home where you can get a copy of the key later. If you contact a service for either roadside assistance or towing, and you are waiting for them to arrive to your location and feel like you are in danger, call 911. If you are leaving work late at night or find yourself in a bad part of town and feel threatened, then call for help. Often a police car will come to your location and assure your safety while you wait. Some officers may even be able to help you access your vehicle.

Mom or Dad Accidentally Locked Baby in Car

Another situation that must be considered is if you are locked out of your vehicle with a child inside. Many vehicles have an auto lock system. There have been times, such as the parent may be pumping gas, when the vehicle locked itself or you were loading groceries and got locked out. During a hot day, minutes inside a car can be dangerous for a child. If the child is too young to unlock the vehicle, you will need to act fast. To ensure the safety of your child, break the window. Before you begin breaking the glass, call 911 and tell them the emergency. If time is running out, break the glass but you may require help doing it. Don’t attempt to break the rear or front window shield as they use a strong tempered glass. Your best bet is one of the passenger windows. Make sure not to break the window near the child. You will want something sharp to break the glass. Don’t start in the middle either. You may have watched many movies that depict the rescue of a person by breaking the center of the glass. However, the center is the strongest point. Instead, break the glass around the edges.

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