I Locked My Keys in the Car in Richardson, TX; Who Do I Call to Unlock the Vehicle Door?

We have all been there where you walk out to the car and your hands are full. You have grocery bags, your purse, a child’s hand and of course the keys to the car. You have to set something down to get everything done. When you shut the door to the car you might get that sinking feeling that you don’t have the keys anymore. It happens to people every day and when you go to open the door back up you are locked out! It never happens at a convenient time and of course never when the windows are rolled down. Now that you are stuck outside your car while your car keys sit on the seat mocking you it is time to make a plan. You don’t want to bash out a window so keeping your cool and knowing what to do can help to save the day.

Citywide Towing Outlines What You Should Do if You Have Locked Your Keys in Your Car

Who Do You Call for an Auto Lockout?: When you are stuck whether it is in your driveway or at the store you are going to need a way to get back in the car. Some people may think that they can get the car door open on their own and will start off looking for a coat hanger. This is what people use in a movie and in a minute or two the car is back open. Although it could work the odds that you will be able to gain access to car in this manner are slim. You need a hanger that is strong enough and the correct angle to pull the latch to unlock the door. If you are successful you may end up causing damage. That is why you can contact a towing company that offers roadside assistance. They can gain access to your vehicle with the right tools and expertise.
Is there a Replacement Car Key?: If you have a spare key and someone is home they can bring it to you. They of course need to have access to your home and know where to get the key. Then you have to wait for them to have time to come out and get the key for you. This may not be worth the hassle. You can find ways to hide a spare key on the outside of your car so that if you are in this position you won’t have to call anyone. This is not the safest option but never the less it is still an option.
Can You Get a Spare Car Key Made?: There are some people that don’t have a spare key to their vehicle. If you are one of those people it is best to have a spare key made. This is so that you have a key in case you lock your other one in the car. It also is a great benefit if the key you are using happens to break. You can use your spare while you are getting another key made to replace it.

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