Long Distance Road Trip Packing Essentials & Tips in Mesquite, TX; Check Fuel Gauge & More

It’s that time of year when people load into the family vehicle and embark on a road trip to take advantage of the time off school and work to see family, friends, or even to go on to a vacation destination. In any case, before you take your road trip it is important you prepare for the worst but hope for the best. Considering such, we at Citywide Towing would like to take the opportunity to share some tips to ensure your road trip is a success and how to handle the challenges.

Long Distance Road Trip Packing Essentials

1) Make sure your cell phone is 100% charged, even if you have a car charger. Getting the assistance you need as well as within a suitable time frame can mean all the difference having a charged phone. If you do not own a vehicle charging set, be sure to get one before you leave.
2) Let loved ones know of your intinerary. It is ideal to let those close to you know the details of your trip; when you intend to leave, the expected time you will return, the route you are planning to take and so on. This way if you are significantly late, others can be warned there was trouble and know where to start looking.
3) Car maintenance. A week before you are to drive out of town, take some time and invest in an oil change as well as a tire rotation. Checking tire pressure and keeping your vehicle in optimal condition will help minimize mechanical and electrical failure on your journey.
4) Check on the fuel gauge frequently. All too often drivers put too much stock in their gas tank and push past its limitations. Once the gas gauge shows it is half full, that is the time to be vigilant and keep alert for an exit that has fuel.
5) Immediately get off the road if there is an issue. It is crucial you get off the road as quickly and as safely as possible in the event your vehicle experienced inefficiency. Pull as far away from the roadway as possible if you are unable to get off the exit to reduce the odds of being in a collision with a passing vehicle. Above all else, remain calm and responsive to whatever comes your way.
6) Let other drivers know your vehicle is inoperable. Simply raising the hood signals to others that something is amiss along with ensuring the hazard lights are still on. There are good Samaritans that will often assist down motorists or at the very least summoned services will come to your end.
7) Wait for help and safely. Especially if you are not certain if help is coming, it is imperative that no matter what you do, that you do not start walking down the highway. According to some experts, to make it clear to on-goers you are in need, pointing the vehicle in the opposite direction is a suggestion; in any case, let help come to you. Stay hydrated, warm if the weather is cold, and when you are waiting, stay in the vehicle or close to it until help arrives.

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