Low Profile Car Towing in Sunnyvale, TX; Hooking Up & Loading a Lowered Vehicle on a Flatbed Tow Truck Trailer

When you are stuck on the side of the road it can be scary and frustrating. You first have to worry about what has caused you to be there in the first place. It could be that you were in a car accident, ran out of gas, battery is dead or have major mechanical errors. Pulling over on the side of the road or being stuck in a parking lot or at your house means you need to contact a towing company. We can come out and make sure that your vehicle is taken to a location that it can be repaired. When it comes to towing there are things we need to know about the vehicle so that we can safely move it. One of the issues that you may come across when you have your car towed is if your car is a low profile vehicle. This means that your cars body does not have much space between it and the ground. The clearance of the vehicle is diminished and that can create challenges. Citywide Towing Service outlines some important considerations when towing a low clearance vehicle.

Loading a Lowered Car on a Flatbed Tow Truck Trailer

The first and most common problem that people have with their low profile vehicle is that the clearance is not enough. The issue is that the clearance is something that you need enough of so that your car does not hit anything or drag when it is being moved on a angle. You may notice an issue when you drive over speed bumps or when you leave a parking lot and go down the curb. You also can have problems when you park and you have a parking space block that can hit the front end of your car. The clearance is also a problem when the towing company has to get it on the flatbed or wheel lift.

Where To Hook Up a Low Clearance Car

Another problem you might have if you try and tow your own vehicle is that you cannot get under the car so that you can secure a line to move the car forward. The hooking up of the car is something that you need to be able to do if you move the car on your own or if you have it towed by a professional. You also need to be sure that you have a secure line before you attempt to pull the car up to the flatbed.

Tow Dolly or Wheel Lift VS Flatbed Trailer

You also could have a problem with a low profile vehicle when you try and tow it with dragging. The dragging can come from a few things but the main issue is when the car is on a dolly or wheel lift. The car has to be picked up and that means that the back end up closer to the ground. With the diminished clearance you have to be sure that you do not lift the car too high. If the car is at a large angle it will drag on the ground and damage the vehicle.

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