Monitor Car Engine Temperature Gauge, Check Tire Pressure & More this Summer in Ovilla, TX

Vehicles suffer significantly during the high temperatures of summer. The vehicle can be pushed past its limits in the midst of the summer heat and leave you stranded on the roadside. Making sure you monitor your vehicle and keeping up with maintenance is important to avoid this inconvenience. Where some instances can be avoidable, there are some situations that can be prevented with a little diligence. Below, we at Citywide Towing Service have prepared a few things you should routinely check while enduring the summer’s warm temperatures.

1) Car Engine Temperature Gauge

Where it may seem challenging to focus on the road on the variables that comes with driving, glancing at the temperature gauge will eventually become habit. It should never cause a distraction while you are driving, but if you notice that the gauge is rising, you can have a better opportunity to pull over sooner before any real damage occurs and get the attention your vehicle needs.

2) Check Tire Pressure

The heat will only intensify any weaknesses that may be present in the tires. Having the tires inspected for any kind of road trip is always recommended but checking the pressure and ensuring that the tires are not inflicted with any noticeable wear or damage can help you avoid trouble cause by driving on the hot summer roads.

3) Inspect Coolant Levels in Your Vehicle

You can rest easy that your vehicle’s engine will stay cool while you drive in the summer heat when you know the coolant levels in your automobile are where they should be. Top off the coolant if you ever notice the levels drop. Experts also encourage you keep an extra bottle of coolant in the trunk should you need to add some while out on the road.

4) Monitor Performance of Air Conditioning System

Playing an important role in vehicle safety and driver alertness is reducing the risk of driving fatigue and maintain a comfortable driving environment helps. During the extreme summer heat, a properly functioning air conditioning can be more than just a pleasant convenience. Pay attention to the A/C’s performance. Refrigerant levels can be low or other issues can be occurring if you notice the air conditioning is not up to par. Have a certified technician inspect the vehicle’s air conditioning system.

5) Listen for Brake Noises

The vehicle rotors and brake pads are more likely to wear and crack when they are exposed to extreme summer heat. With stop-and-go traffic also causing additional wear to the brake pads, you should pay attention to the quality of the braking system. Get the brakes inspected immediately if you hear any grinding or abnormal noising coming from brakes.

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Keep in mind, the summer season impacts your vehicle as much as it does everything else. Where many people take the opportunity to take the road trips and extra activities in the summer, your vehicle is taking extra abuse with the heat exposure. If you find your vehicle down, Citywide Towing Service can provide a number of roadside assistance and towing services to help you get you back on your way in the Greater Dallas, Texas area.

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