Most Common Injuries in Car Accidents in Irving, TX; Whiplash from Rear End Collision & More

It is unfortunate how often automobile accidents occur each day. Luckily, many are considered minor with little to no injury. However, other accidents can and do result in injuries and some may have been easily prevented. Citywide Towing Service wants to encourage drivers to be safer on the roads. To this end we’ll share some of the most common automobile accident injuries and how they may be prevented.

Car Accident Head Injury

It is unfortunate when head or brain trauma occurs during an accident. Often due to a high impact, the head may come in contact with the steering wheel, the side window, or other interior surfaces. Head injuries can be scary, especially the unseen injuries such as internal bleeding in the skull or brain. Head injuries often result in heavy bleeding as much of the blood is circulated into the brain. The brain must be protected and when driving or riding in a vehicle, your best defense is to wear your seat belt. The seat belt locks your body in place and helps prevent head impact damage. As you can’t prevent all accidents, you can always wear your seat belt.

Whiplash from Read End Collision

Whiplash can occur even in minor collisions, which is basically a spinal injury. Whiplash can take time to recover from and rarely requires medical attention. In some cases, more severe spinal damage can occur. Whiplash often occurs when the seat belt is worn incorrectly. Many people will choose comfort over safety and will wear the upper portion of the seat belt behind their back. This is a major mistake. The belt that goes across the chest is designed to hold your upper body which can prevent whiplash and even more serious injuries.

Spinal Injuries & Back Pain After Car Accident

Spinal injuries can occur anywhere in the neck and back during an automobile accident, including accidents that occur at low speeds. The spine and brain is so important to our body and they often get injured during an accident. There are two major tactics that can help reduce spinal as well as head injuries: one is always wear your seat belt and wear it correctly. The second is your sitting posture. During long periods of driving or after a long day at work, we often find the most comfortable position to sit in while we drive. Your body posture in the car can either reduce or increase chances of injury. It is important to sit up correctly and avoid leaning forward. You want your neck and back flat along the seat and your knees bent upward slightly. For those who have short legs their leg position is often off. If this applies, you can use a seat wedge to achieve proper leg alignment.

Knee Injury Car Accident

After the head, brain, neck or back, the next common injury occurs in the knees. During high impact the knees are often pushed forward, crashing into the dashboard. Again, proper seating alignment can help reduce impact damage combined with wearing the seat belt.

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For safety always wear your seat belt and learn about proper seating alignment to help reduce injuries. Always pay attention and avoid unnecessary risks when driving. Citywide Towing Service wishes everyone to be safer on the road. For quality roadside assistance and towing services, contact Citywide Towing Service.

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