Most Common Vehicle Breakdown Problems in Carrollton, TX; Overheating, Car Accident & More

Whether you have a new car or an old car there are always times that trouble will occur. The occasional problem with your car can really put a damper on your day. You are stuck at work or cant make it to an appointment. Whatever the reason often times you are stuck having your car towed to a shop to have it diagnosed as well as repaired. When it comes to car problems there are several issues that are considered common. Even though they are common it can still end up leaving you stranded on the side of the road in need of roadside assistance. Knowing what these common issues are a great way to determine if you need to have your car looked at.

Citywide Towing Services Lists Common Car Breakdown Problems that Often Need a Tow

Vehicle Having Trouble Turning Over: One of the most common reasons that people call to have their vehicle towed is that it will not start. The starting of your vehicle is not a one issue problem but it can be a slew of issues. That is why it is as common as it is. One of the reasons that your car will not start is the battery is dead or bad. If you have ever left a light on in the car overnight you know that the morning will mean a dead battery. The issue can usually be corrected by getting a jump start or replacing the battery. Another problem that is common with cars that will not start is the starter is not functioning properly. The starter is a part of the mechanics of the car and if this is the cause of your car not starting you need to have it replaced.
Car Overheating: You might think that in the middle of winter there is no way that your car can overheat. That is just not true because the heat that is produced by your engine is not just reliant on the outside temperatures. The first sign is that the gauge on your dash will register that the heat is too high. Another issue that people see is actual smoke that will come from the hood. If you see any of these you want to be sure to pull over on the side of the road right away and turn off the engine. If you choose to continue on you could end up causing permanent damage to the engine block. The issue could be as easy as adding more fluids to your vehicle or something worse. It is best to have the vehicle towed off the road and repaired before attempting to continue on.
Car Accidents: There are accidents that leave your car in shambles and some that do just enough damage that it cannot be driven away. Whether it is a single vehicle accident or you get rear-ended you will likely need to have your car towed to a body shop to have the repairs.

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