Most Dangerous Times to Drive on Roads in Lewisville, TX; Driving in Rainy Weather & More

Dallas, Texas is listed as the number two spot of the top most dangerous cities to drive in. From 2001 to 2016 there were 601,187 fatal accidents. These accidents range from speeding, traffic backups, to intoxication. There were about 956 fatal crashes that occurred in the Harris County area where the majority of them involved speeding. There were about 610 within Houston’s inner roadways with most fatalities occurring on the 45 and 69 Interstates during night time hours. Due to the horrific status of fatal accidents in Texas and being labeled one of the worst cities to drive in, Citywide Towing Service would like to advise Texas residents as to the most dangerous times to drive and how to drive more safely

Conditions to Avoid Driving to Avoid Car Accidents

Wet Weather: During rain or the occasional snow when roads get wet can be the prefect recipe for an accident. When roads stay dry for an extended period of time it can lead to oil and grease buildup on top of the road. When wet weather occurs, the oil and grease makes the roads very slippery. This is when it is time to reduce speed and drive much more cautiously. By slowing down and paying closer attention to the surrounding vehicles, especially those in front of you, you can respond quicker and help reduce the chances of causing or being involved in an accident.
Rush Hour: Oddly enough, rush hour is a very dangerous time to be on the road, even when traffic is super condensed and everyone is slowed down, accidents still frequently occur. It is understood that when traffic occurs those who refuse to slow down and move with traffic begin driving far more recklessly. As a result they are the ones who often cause the accidents whether they become involved in them or not. Don’t become a dangerous element on the highway. During rush hour traffic, drive safely even if it means slowing down.
Holidays: July 4th, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and other holidays where families come together adds an additional element to the highways. Often those traveling long distances have the tendency to speed. In Dallas, Texas over 100,000 fatal accidents are due to speeding. During long distance travel, look out for the posted speed limits and avoid speeding yourself. This will help promote safer highways.
Summer: One of the most dangerous elements on Dallas road is young drivers. Most fatal accidents occur when teens are behind the wheel. Both teens and adults, but mostly teens or young drivers, are guilty of being on their phone while driving. This distraction often leads to many accidents, including fatal ones. When school is out for the summer, the number of teen drivers also increases. It is strongly encourages that parents teach teens not to be on their phone while in a car and avoid speeding. Dallas roads are dangerous as it is, so avoid adding to the problem.

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One of the major contributions to Dallas, Texas being one of the most dangerous cities to drive in is because there isn’t enough police officers patrolling the road. Many locals know this and take advantage. To help make our roads safer, we encourage everyone to obey all traffic laws and drive safer. Citywide Towing Service wishes to pass this message along to all our Texas residents and visitors. For all of your towing or roadside assistance services, contact Citywide Towing Service today.

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