Motorcycle Breakdown Safety Tips in Cedar Hill, TX; Know Your Location, Be Prepared & More

When motorcyclists are on the road they are more than aware of the possible dangers. When they break down the danger could increase, especially on a busy highway. When a motorcyclist breaks down they must take even more precautions to ensure their safety. When you experience a break down and you’re on your bike, Citywide Towing Service will share how to stay safe while you await help.

Why Drivers Don’t See Motorcycles?

When motorcycles break down, they pose more of a high risk problem than cars or trucks since they are much smaller. During the day their blinking lights are not visible and often you don’t see the motorcycle at night until you’re really close. Due to the additional danger it is essential that motorcyclists are prepared for break downs and stay safe.

Be Prepared when Driving a Motorcycle

Before a motorcyclist heads out on the road, they should be prepared for a breakdown as they can occur without warning. Always be dressed for the weather conditions. Some motorcycles have a small compartment. If you have one, make sure to have an emergency kit inside with an emergency poncho or blanket. Additionally, keep water with you. Make sure to keep your phone charged so you can call for help if a breakdown occurs.

Find a Safe Spot if Your Car Breaks Down

If you breakdown on the road it is important to remain calm. You should reduce your speed and pull over. Depending on what lane you’re in when a break down occurs, you will want to get to the closest shoulder if the traffic is heavy. During heavy traffic it can be difficult to find a safe place to pull over. However you will want to find a safe place as far off the road as possible. Depending on the road conditions or location of the breakdown, attempt to move your bike off the road and to the safest most possible location. If you are able to get off the road safely, do it.

Night Time Motorcycle Break Downs

If you breakdown at night it can become additionally dangerous, so make sure to turn on your hazard light to warn other drivers of your presence. Again locate a safe place to pull off the road. If you have a small storage compartment consider getting a few batteries or roadside emergency flare discs which you can place near you bike to help better warn fellow drivers.

Know Your Location when Driving

As a motorcyclist it is important to have a good knowledge of the road you use. In the event you breakdown and need a tow, roadside service or even call a friend to help you, you will want to know where you are at. When exploring new areas make sure to familiarize yourself with the surrounding areas with a map. In the event you breakdown you can give your location and help can find you easier.

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Breakdowns are unexpected and can happen to any motorist, including motorcyclists at any time. As a motorcyclist you want to make sure you’re prepared. Unlike our cars and trucks, your space for a roadside emergency kit is limited. You must be prepared, since your more limited. When needing roadside assistance or towing services for motorcycles and automobiles, contact Citywide Towing Service today.

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