My Car Has Coolant in it so Why is it Overheating in Addison, TX? Radiator Fan Not Working & More

There are a few things that can really just end up ruining your day. One of them happens to be if you start to have car trouble. Car trouble seems to affect just about every other part of the day. You need to have a car that is working to keep you on schedule. If you are late to work you can get in trouble and that is another issue. If you are running errands and have a load of groceries in the car it can spoil the food. You want to make sure you know what to do if your car is starting to have car trouble. Some of the problems require you to stop right away and address it while others can wait a day or two. One issue you might start to have especially in the summer is that the car can start to overheat. A car that is overheating can be very dangerous for the engine sending it straight to the junk yard. It is a good idea to know what might be causing your car to overheat so Citywide Towing Service lists some of the most common reasons.

Coolant Level Low

There are many fluids that are in your car that are necessary. You know that you need to care for your engine oil and have it changed often. There are many other fluids that include coolant. The coolant that is in the engine is needed to keep the engine cool while it is operating. The engine has many working and moving parts that can create heat and that is not good for an engine. The coolant will help to keep the engine cooled off. The issue can come when you have a leak and the coolant is getting low. You want to make sure that if you see any fluids leaking you have it inspected and repaired. The coolant needs to be topped off to ensure that the engine can be cooled and not overheating.

Radiator Fan Not Working

Another part of the car that is there to make sure that it stays cooled off is the radiator fan. This is a large fan that needs to be spinning and working to ensure that the air is flowing around the engine compartment. The fan can be broken, damaged or the electrical connection can be disconnected. If you notice that your fan is not working you want to make sure that it is repaired right away. The fan not working can cause your car to overheat and you will need to be towed to have it replaced.

Thermostat Sticking

There is a gauge that is there to let you know what the temperature is of the engine. You want to make sure that it is not too high and also not too cold. The thermostat can have a malfunction that will cause it to seem that the engine is overheating when it fact it is not. You want to make sure that the thermostat is checked if you notice that the gauge is not acting correctly.

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