Negative Effects of Running Out of Gas in Carrollton, TX; Damage Fuel Injectors & More

Valuable possessions are something that people hold dear for a variety of reasons. Sometimes the value is in the memory that it represents. Sometimes the item is valuable because of the person that gave it to you. Sometimes it is valuable because of the financial value it has. Regardless of the reason why it is valuable to you you probably take excellent care of your valued possessions. If you had to make a list of your most valuable possessions what would be on it? Most people would probably list their car on their list of valuable items. So how are you taking care of your car? To take care of your car you need to wash it regularly, get your oil changed, replace fluids as needed, and repair it when necessary. All of these things are needed to help your car run. You also need to fill it with gas.

Is it Bad to Run Your Car Low on Gas?

Everyone has their own unique process on when they fill up their gas tank. Some people start to fill anxious when they have about a quarter of a tank left. Others fill up as soon as they have a half a tank left. And then there are those people that like to live on the edge and do not fill it up until their gas light comes on. If you are one of the people in this last group you may have wondered if this pattern is damaging your car at all.

Does Running Out of Gas Damage Fuel Injectors?

There are many different ways that you are causing damage to your car when you drive your car with not much gas in your tank. One issue that you could have is that debris can stick in your fuel pump when you do not have much gas in it. This happens because there are tiny particles that will get into your gas tank and settle at the bottom of the tank. As your fuel pump uses the last of your gas it will also take the debris along with your gas. These particles will then get stuck in your fuel pump or your fuel filter and cause problems. When you run your car with low fuel there are also other problems that you can encounter with your fuel pump. The fuel pumps need gas to keep it cool and lubricated. As you run your car with a low tank your fuel pump will not stay lubricated as well as it should. It could also cause your fuel pump to overheat. If your fuel pump stops working it can be expensive to repair.

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So unless you want to end up with costly repairs you will want to make sure that you keep your gas tank filled appropriately. We recommend that you make it a priority to get to the gas station once your tank only has a quarter of a tank left. If you do end up running out of gas you can call Citywide Towing Service. In addition to towing services we also offer roadside assistance. We can come out and help you get your gas tank full again so that you can get back on the road.

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