Parents Guide to Teaching Teenagers to Drive in Lancaster, TX; Best Places to Practice Driving to Avoid a Car Accident & More

If you have been driving for years there are many things that you automatically do when you are driving without even giving it a second thought. Nothing brings back all of the things that you need to know to drive successfully like teaching your child to drive. All of a sudden you remember just how many skills are required to get your car out of the driveway and safely drive down the road. Citywide Towing Service has some tips for you today on how to teach your child to drive so that they can avoid needing our services when they get on the road after getting their license.

Stay Calm when Teaching a Scared Teenager to Drive

The first tip we have for you today is one of the hardest ones to do. Do your best to stay calm when your child is behind the wheel. Your child is already nervous to be driving when they are first learning to drive. When you get in the car and are extremely tense they will feed off of your tension or stress and will have a hard time focusing on the necessary parts of learning to drive.

Teach Kids How Cars Work

Next up you will want to take time to teach your kid about the parts of the car that they will need to automatically know when driving. You may think they do not need to know what a rearview mirror is, but you never know what they do not know. Show them where the pedals are; which pedal is the gas and which one is the brake; where the blinker is and how it works; and which mirror is best for the different parts of driving. Knowing about your car before you start driving is extremely helpful.

Best Places to Practice Driving

When you let your child get behind the wheel for the first time you will want to find a place that is not busy. Many parents choose to take their children to a large parking lot that is mainly empty to let their kids get a feel for driving the first time. Then slowly increase the congestion on the road as they start to feel more comfortable driving.

Get Used to Driving on the Highway

Once your new driver has the basics of driving down do not forget to teach them some of the harder parts of being a driver. First up you will want to teach them how to drive on the freeway. This is especially important for those of you who live in larger cities or in areas where driving to places that you frequent regularly requires you drive on the freeway. Many new drivers are too afraid to drive on the freeway. If you teach them this skill early on their driving career it will seem less scary.

Teach Navigation Driving Skills

You will also want to teach your child how to drive while following the directions from their cell phone or other navigational device. These days most people rely on their phones to get them from one location to another. Walk your child through how to safely follow the directions on their phone while driving.

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If you teach your children these important steps, you and your driver will both have more confidence in their driving abilities. This will help you relax and help protect them from getting in an accident. If they do end up in an accident and need to be towed call Citywide Towing Service right away.

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