Preparing Your Vehicle for Winter in Wilmer, TX; Roadside Emergency Survival Car Kit & More

Now that the last four months of the year have started people are starting to think about what their holiday plans will be. Your holiday plans may include visitors coming to your home here in Texas or you going to visit someone in another state. If you are driving anywhere for the holidays you will want to check out your emergency kit in your car before you leave and make sure that it is fully equipped just in case anything unexpected happens and you find yourself on the side of the road. If your travel plans take you to areas where it snows you will want to make sure that you are prepared for that as well.

What to Pack in a Roadside Emergency Car Kit

First let’s talk about the items that should always be in your car as part of your emergency kit.
• A first aid kit stocked with band-aids; hand sanitizer; antiseptic; antibiotic ointment; bug spray; aspirin; cotton balls; gauze pads; tweezers; bandana; and an ace bandage is a must have for all roadside emergency kits.
• Having a small fire extinguisher that is easy to store can definitely come in handy.
• Road flares are an important thing to include in your kit. They can literally save your life as you change a tire or work on your car on the side of the road.
• Every roadside emergency kit should have jumper cables. You need to make sure that you also know how to properly use the jumper cables. Incorrectly using jumper cables can cause more damage to your car.
• A spare tire and a jack can be the difference between hours on the side of the road or a quick fix before getting back on the road again. Just like jumper cables, you will need to know how to properly change your tire for the spare tire and jack to do any good.
Gas can
• Flat tire inflation canister
• Small tool kit
• Shovel
• Paper towels or rags
• Spare car fuses
• Bottled water
• Rain poncho
• Tarp
• Flashlight and extra batteries
• Duct tape
• Pen and Paper

If your holiday plans are taking you on a longer trip you will want to add some items to your roadside emergency kit as well. Once you return home from the trip these items can be taken out since they are not as vital for everyday use.

Long Distance Car Survival Kit

• A stowing strap or chain; emergency car battery charger; an extra pair of shoes; gloves; toiletry items; and a cell phone charger may come in handy if you get stuck on the side of the road with no cell phone service. Many times when you travel longer distances there will be spots on your trip where you do not have the ability to call for help. You will need to be able to sustain yourself until someone drives by and is willing to stop and help. During the winter months you may encounter snow and ice on your journey as well. There are a few more things that you should pack in your car if you there is a chance that you will be driving through snow or ice.
• A snow and ice scraper can definitely come in handy if you find your windows and lights covered in snow or ice. Using your hands does not work as effectively or feel as good!
• You may want to throw some cat litter in your trunk as well. If you get stuck in the snow and your tires are just spinning you will be thankful that you added some cat litter in your car. Cat litter can help your tires get some traction so that you can get out of that snow.
• Packing some extra blankets in your car is another great item to pack when you are anticipating driving through the snow and ice. If you end up on the side of the road for very long you may need a blanket or two to help keep you and your family warm while you wait for help.

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If you find yourself on the side of the road we hope that having your roadside emergency kit packed will help you make it through the experience as smoothly as possible. When help does come call Citywide Towing Service if you need your car towed for any reason. We also provide roadside assistance.

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