Pros of a Dually (Dual Rear Wheel) Truck VS Single in Highland Park, TX; Heavy Towing Capacity, Better Traction & More

There are lots of people that have a type of car or truck that they love and want to purchase. There are some that just want one because of the look while others are looking for something that is more functional. There are lots that goes into choosing a vehicle for you or your family. If you are looking for a truck for your personal vehicle you have a lot of options. You can choose from a plethora of trucks that are out on the market. One of the options that you want to look at when it comes to trucks is if a dually will be best for you. There are lots of people that think that a dually is not for them while others think that it might be just the right fit. In order to understand the dually you have to know what benefits you can enjoy when you choose one. Citywide Towing Services outlines what benefits you get when you choose a dually.

What is a Dually VS Single Rear Wheel Truck?

If you want to know what a dually is you need to know what they look like. When it comes to trucks there is an easy way to tell a dually from other trucks. The main thing that you can look for is the set of two truck tires on the back of the truck. The rear axle will have two wheels and two tires on the back of the truck. This is what a dual tire means. There are differences in the way that the wheels and the axles and the drive train works when you have a dually but basically dual rear wheels offer a wider stance for your truck which increases stability when towing heavy loads.

Dually Towing Capacity

One of the first things that you can benefit from when you have a dually is the ability to tow. The towing capability that you get when you choose a dually is increased substantially. The great thing is that you can use the dually when you need to tow trailers and other items. That is why many people that choose a dually are ones that like to haul trailers. This might be your travel trailer that you use for vacation. It can be a trailer that you use to move items around or you use a trailer for work. Being able to tow is an important part of choosing a truck for many people.

A Dually Truck has More Traction

When you are looking for a truck that you know you will be using a lot and that you might be taking on trips and driving long distance, you want to look at getting a dually. The dually is a great way to get a truck that has a stable base. The stability of a truck is important when you are driving through bad weather such as high winds. Vehicles with a dually rear axle spread the weight out between two tires and therefore decrease the traction when compared to a single rear wheel axle. If you want to have a more stable, traction and better center when you are driving, then a dually is the type of truck for you.

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