Rainy Weather Safety Driving Tips in Cockrell Hill, TX; Drive Slower at Safe Distance, Use Wipers & More

Here in the Dallas, TX area we do not get snow like other parts of the country do during the winter months. It simply does not get cold enough to snow. We do frequently get rain in the winter though. Knowing how to safely navigate in the rain can be tricky. Today Citywide Towing Service has some tips for you on how you can stay safe on the road when it is raining outside.

Drive Slower or Pull Over when Driving in Heavy Rain

The weather here in Texas tends to be rather extreme when it comes to rain. It can go from clear skies to torrential downpours in a matter of just minutes. If you are on the road when this happens it can be scary. You may want to consider pulling over for a few minutes if the rain is extremely heavy. Heavy rainfall can be hard to see through. Driving with limited visibility increases the odds that you get in an accident. It is better to be late to where you are going then to get hurt in an accident in a rainstorm. Once you are back on the road you will want to continue to take precautions to ensure that you and your passengers arrive safely at your destination. We suggest that you travel slower than normal when it is raining outside. The rain makes the roads slick. Slick roads make it take longer to slow down or speed up your car. Driving slower will help counterbalance the slick roads.

Safe Following Distance Between Cars in Rain

In addition to driving slower than normal we also recommend leaving more space between you and the other cars on the road. This will give you plenty of time to slow down if the car in front of you begins to slow down. It will also give you some wiggle room if someone pulls in front of you. When you do press on the brakes be prepared for it to take longer than normal for your car to stop.

Drive with Headlights on But Not Hazard Lights in Rain

When it is raining outside it is typically dark and gloomy as well. You will want to drive with your lights on when it is raining. Many states actually have laws that require you to turn your lights on when it is raining. Having your lights on will help other cars on the road see your car. This will help keep you nice and safe.

Automatic Rain Sensing Windshield Wipers

You will also want to drive with your windshield wipers on. As a preventative measure you will want to routinely check your windshield wipers to make sure that they are in good condition. Finding out that your windshield wipers do not work as rain is pouring down on your car is not the best option out there. Know how your windshield wipers work prior to a storm as well. Your windshield wipers have different speeds that they operate on. You will want to know how to change the speed before the storm is upon you.

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It is our hope that if you follow all of these steps that you will not need Citywide Towing Service to come and tow your car during a rainstorm. If you do find yourself in need to our towing services during a storm do not forget to give us a call.

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