Rainy Weather Safety Tips for Driving on Wet Roads in Heavy Rain at Night in Highland Park, TX

When you are a driver on the roads you are not just responsible for your car and passengers but the people around you too. Although you cannot control what those around you are doing you can use defensive driving techniques to avoid potential hazards. There are some hazards that are avoidable when you are alert and using proper driving techniques. There are some that you just cannot avoid. When you are driving in bad weather you need to adjust how you drive to keep you and those around you safe. One type of weather that seems to be a problem for people to drive in and causes a lot of accidents is the rain. Not just a light rain but a heavy downpour will make it so you need to make some changes. If you have never driven in heavy rain you want to understand what you can do to stay safe.

Citywide Towing Lists Tips On Driving Safely in a Heavy Rain Storm

Reduce Your Speed When Driving on Wet Roads in the Rain: When you are driving in ideal weather you can go the posted speed and use your standard driving techniques. When there is a heavy rain you need to adjust your schedule so that you give yourself extra time to get where you’re going. The rain will cause the roads to flood and even have water running over top. If you try and drive over a street that has water running it can be moving faster than you think. The water can move fast enough to shift your car and carry it away. If you drive through a large puddle on the streets is can be dangerous so it is always best to avoid these areas. With these puddles and water pooling up it can send you on an alternate route. If it does it may tack time on your travel time. You also need to drive slower in general because the wet roads make your stopping time much longer. Be sure when you expect rain that you allow yourself extra time to get to and from where you’re going so you are not in a hurry.
Driving with Headlights On: The rain that is pouring down will cause the view out of your car to be diminished. The sun is often hidden if it is raining in the day and the small amount of light from the moon is all but gone. You can be easily missed by other motorists if you do not have your lights on. You want to be sure that you have your lights on when it is raining hard. Not just your day running light but your standard headlights. This will help you see those cars and pedestrians around you so that you can avoid a collision.

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If you are out driving in the rain and you are in an accident or you slip off the road you want to stay in the car. You can leave the vehicle when it is safe to do so and you want to hire a tow truck driver. Citywide Towing can come out and pick up your vehicle and move it to a location where it can be repaired.

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