Reasons Car Won’t Start Besides Battery in Cedar Hill, TX; Bad Starter or Run Out of Gas

One of the worst feelings that you can have is heading out to your car and finding out that it will not start. Most people depend on their vehicle to get them to work and around on their everyday errands. It seems that people are busier than ever and it is hard to make up on time if you end up stranded. There are lots of reasons that your car can be stranded. It can include of course having your car in an accident where it is not able to be driven. This is something that often times cannot be prevented because it may not have even been your fault. There are other reasons that you will find yourself stuck on the side of the road or with a car that will not start. There are some main things that you can check when you realize that your car will not start.

Citywide Towing Outlines What to Check when Car Won’t Start

Test Car Battery Voltage: One of the most common reasons that a car will not start is the battery has died. The battery should be able to start your car when you go out to start it but they do have a lifespan. The battery will last depending on the manufacturer suggestions as well as the weather conditions in your area. A place that has dry heat can eat away a battery faster than a place that is cooler. The battery can be bad altogether or it can be a dead battery. It can be from leaving a light on in the car while you have a door left open. It can be from leaving the car in the on position for too long without starting the car. A dead battery can be easily fixed by having your battery jumped. You can be back on the road and driving in no time.
Check Fuel Level: When you start your car most people will check the level of gas that is in the car. The great thing is that there is a gauge on your dash that will show the amount of gas so you know when you need to head to the gas station. The problem is that there is many times that the gauge is off or is broken and you don’t know what level you actually have. You may go out thinking that you still have a quarter of a tank only to find out that you are out. The best way to find out if gas is out is to use a gas can and add a few gallons to see if the car will start.
Bad Starter: The other main problem is with the starter. If your starter is out the car will not be able to turn over the engine and won’t start the motor. If the motor will not start the car will not run. This will take a little more effort if it is the problem because you need to get your car towed to a shop to have the starter repaired or replaced.

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