Reasons Car Won’t Start in Seagoville, TX; Dead Car Battery, Alternator Replacement Time & More

Have you ever been finishing up at work and walk out to the car only to find out that your car will not start. We all depend on our vehicle to get us from one area to another and we all have a busy life that does not have time for car breakdowns to fit in to our schedule. Most people will take care of their vehicle by getting gas when it gets low, fill up the air in the tires and change the oil when indicated. When you do all of those things you expect that the car or truck will work when you need it. The problem is that there are some other factors that may leave your car unable to drive. You can call for a tow truck to bring the car to a repair shop or you can have them drop the car at your home. When the car will not start there are about three different reasons that are common causes. Citywide Towing Service outlines the most common causes of your car or truck not starting.

Dead Car Battery

The first and most common reason a car is not able to start is that your car has a dead battery. This is a term that would lead you to believe that your battery is a goner and you need a new one but that is not true. The battery will hold a charge so that you can start your car each day. If you leave a light on in the car or a door opened the battery will slowly drain and by the time you go back out to your car it will not have enough charge to start the engine. You can have your car jump started by using another vehicle and a set of jumper cables. There are times that the battery is no good but that is usually after roughly a five year period. You can sometimes tell it is your battery if you go and turn the key and there are no lights and the engine will not crank over. You may hear it trying to start but the more you try the less it will make the attempt. That is because you have then drained the rest of the battery.

Alternator Replacement Time

The next reason behind your car not being able to start is from the alternator that has gone out. It is an important part of the car and is necessary in unison with the battery to give power to the vehicle. The alternator is what charges the battery as you drive around and if it does not work right the battery will work until you go out to start the car again. You will be able to jump start the battery but it will likely be dead again the next morning. That is the main sign that your alternator will need to be replaced.

Car Starter Goes Out

Lastly you need to get power from the battery to the motor to get it to start and this is where the starter comes in handy. It takes a spark from the battery and sends it to the motor to get it to turn over. If you try to start your car and all you hear is a small click then your starter may be out and need to be replaced.

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