Reasons for Towing a Car in Lancaster, TX; Suspended Drivers, Expired Registration & More

Many people who have had their vehicle unexpectedly towed away often blames the tow truck driver. Feelings of injustice overwhelm them and often cloud the actual cause or reason behind the tow. Tow truck drivers are not looking to tow a vehicle at random. They are often called to pick up a vehicle. When a vehicle has been left, abandoned, or parked in an inappropriate area, the vehicle is often towed. Many people simply don’t realize they are committing a parking or road violation. To prevent your vehicle from being towed, Citywide Towing Service will share some of the common reasons why a vehicle might be towed and the violations that are often committed.

Common Reasons Cars Get Towed

Suspended or Unlicensed Drivers: If you are operating a vehicle and you have a suspended license or didn’t obtain a driver’s license and are pulled over by a police officer, do not be surprised if your vehicle is towed and you are possibly arrested. A police office cannot assume the risk of an unlicensed driver, driving on the road. It is hazardous and against the law. If you don’t want your vehicle towed, impounded, and you facing an arrest, do not drive without a proper driver’s license.
Negligent Parking: If a vehicle that was parked is blocking a driveway, sidewalk or roadway, such as partial lanes, it is hazardous and unjust. Anyone can call and report your vehicle and it can be towed away without your knowledge. Make sure you know if you are parking in designated parking zones or you risk having your vehicle towed.
Expired Registration: If you are driving a vehicle on public land, roadways or even in a parking lot, and your vehicle has expired tags dated over six months, it will be towed. The vehicle can be reclaimed with proof of registration. However know that the risk of operating an unregistered vehicle can result in the vehicle being towed.
Illegally Parking: When a vehicle is parked illegally, it can be towed. Illegal parking can include parking by no parking signs, parked where the vehicle is blocking markers or signs, and parked in red zones or handicap parking spaces. Do not leave a broken down vehicle on public property. Often a car breaks down and the driver manages to reach a gas station. Do not park in front of a pump. Park only in a parking space. Notify property managers and give a time line when the vehicle will be removed. If it remains overly long, they can have the vehicle towed. Vehicles can also be towed if a car alarm is active for over 20 minutes.
Poor Condition or Deemed Hazardous: If a vehicle is on the road and proves to be in poor condition where it can be classified hazardous, it can be towed. An officer has the right to pull a driver over if the vehicle’s condition warrants alarm. The same can be said if a vehicle is left on the side of the road or on public property. Some of the common conditions may include broken windshield, missing wheels, exposed engine or moving parts.

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When operating a vehicle, know where you’re parking and if you are committing any violations. In most cases a vehicle is towed due to driver negligence. Citywide Towing hopes we are able to spare future grief and prevent having your vehicle towed. For all of your towing and roadside assistance service needs, contact Citywide Towing.

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