Reasons for Towing or Roadside Service for Cars in Garland, TX; Car Accident, Overheating & More

There are a variety of reasons that you might find yourself needing towing services. Over the years Citywide Towing Service has towed vehicles for just about every reason that we bet you can even think of. There are some reasons we are called out to tow a vehicle though that come up more often than others. Today we will talk about the most common reasons that you could find yourself in need of a towing company.

Towing After Car Accident

If you are in a car accident you may find yourself in need of towing services. This will depend on the severity of the accident clearly. If you are in a small fender bender you will likely not need any assistance in towing a car. Sometimes the amount of damage is so extreme that there will be no question about the need for a tow truck. If you are not sure if you should drive your car after being in an accident we recommend that you call us. Our tow truck driver can come out and help you take a look at your car. Getting in an accident is not something that you can always avoid. You can decrease your odds by driving defensively, keeping a safe driving distance from other vehicles on the road, and being observant of other vehicles on the road at all times.

Car Engine Overheating

Your vehicle may overheat for a variety of reasons. The most common reason is that your vehicle does not have enough coolant in it. You will want to make sure that your vehicle has the correct fluid levels at all times and that it is not leaking the fluids out. A damaged fan belt and leaky water pumps can also cause your vehicle to overheat. If your car overheats you will want to have a mechanic look at it immediately. Driving a vehicle that has overheated can cause further damage so we definitely recommend a tow truck.

Roadside Tire Service

Flat tires always seem to happen at the very worst time possible. It seems like they frequently happen as people are on their way to an important meeting or event that they cannot be late for. Your tire may become flat because you have damaged treads on your tires, low pressure, or you have run over something. Most of the time you are simply able to put your spare tire on and then proceed to get your tire fixed. Frequently people find that they do not have a spare tire, their spare tire is not the correct size, or their spare tire is flat. If this happens to you give Citywide Towing a call.

Ran Out Of Gas? Who to Call for Roadside Assistance Gas Delivery

Running out of gas can be one of the worst feelings for any driver. The problems mentioned above you cannot always avoid even with the best of car maintenance and careful driving but running out of gas is nearly totally avoidable (the exception being a broken gas gauge) so it can be humiliating when it happens to you. If you run out of gas Citywide Towing Service can come and bring you gas so that you can get on your way. We recommend that once your tank gets below ¼ tank that you fill up your tank so that this does not happen to you.

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Knowing what the common reasons for needing a towing service can help you know what you can do to prevent needing to call us. Sometimes even the best prevention just is not enough though. If you find yourself needing our roadside assistance or towing services give us a call today.

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