Reasons to Call Professional Towing Company for Car Battery Jump Start Service Rather than DIY in Highland Park, TX

Being mostly human errors, but other contributing factors include weather, temperature, age, and other circumstances, there are countless reasons as to why the battery to your vehicle fails. Whether you are at work, home, or play, more often than not, in most instances, there is little assistance available from strangers or other solutions to give the battery a jump and get you back on the road. With this in mind, we at Citywide Towing Service would like to discuss why a battery should be jumpstarted by a roadside professional. In the event you find that the battery to your vehicle is in need of a jumpstart in Greater Dallas, Texas, Citywide Towing Service is your best solution in order to avoid damage, injury, and risks. To consider why you want a friendly professional assisting you in roadside assistance battery jumpstart service, we have listed the prime examples below.

Jumpstart Damage to Car Battery

You can potentially damage a car battery due to jumper cable displacement that sparks a fire. Highly flammable vapors that can leak out of vents is from a chemical, and one of the chemicals in the battery, is sulfuric acid. Due to the wrong placement of cables and clamps on terminals, sparks can be produced. A fire can ignite, or even worse, an explosion can occur when the flammable vapors meet the unfortunate sparks. Should you not properly jumpstart the battery, just one single mistake can end you up sustaining severe injuries and with a damaged vehicle.

Damage to Computer & Vehicle from Jumpstarting

Improper battery jumpstarting technique causing damage to the vehicle. Water is particularly bad while jumping a vehicle’s battery, being that it is a great electricity conductor. If you jump your vehicle in the middle of rainstorm or when other elements of liquid are present and make connection during the process at the wrong time, the potential damage it can do to your vehicle is there, though there is no concern for severe injuries. In addition, newer vehicles contain as many as a dozen computers and even more digital devices. Incorrectly jumpstarting with cables connected to a running vehicle can create a voltage surge large enough to fry expensive computers in either vehicle.

Danger of Asking Stranger for a Jump Start

It is becoming more and more unlikely someone will stop and offer assistance. In this day and age, depending on people is more difficult to accept. There may not be an immediate opportunity to come to your rescue when you attempt to reach a family member, friend, or even an acquaintance who can provide a jumpstart. Also, honest intentions or trusting someone to assist you can be hazardous as trying a stranger poses a risk on its own since you do not know. Ultimately, it is in your better interest to call a professional roadside assistance company with people likely not to have the time, proper equipment, or even know how.

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You can depend on the specialists of at Citywide Towing Service to make certain your battery jump is done safely and proficiently to avoid hazards and damages should you find that you are in need of a battery jumpstart in Brownsville, Texas and surrounding areas. With other circumstances possibly being involved, the outcome will be best in the hands of Citywide Towing Service. Contact us today for your roadside assistance battery jumpstart service.

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