Reasons You Should Pull Your Car Over in Irving, TX to Avoid a Breakdown & Needing a Tow

We all want our vehicles to work without any issues, but that’s just not the way life goes! There will come a time when you’re driving along, and your car will start to act up. There are times when it’s okay to keep on driving, but there are times when you should pull over right away. It’s always best to pull over if you’re not sure, otherwise you can cause a lot of damage.

Reasons to Pull Car Over

1. Loud noises. Loud noises don’t always mean trouble, but you should still pull over. You may have just driven over something, but it may also be a big problem with the engine, which is, essentially the heart of your car. If you hear a loud noise, pull over to make sure it’s not an issue with the engine.
2. Changes in handling. Changes in handling are easy to feel because your hands are on the steering wheel and you’ll feel how your car is reacting. Always pull over right away if the steering wheel becomes wobbly or starts to move in one direction. Handling issues can change due to the road surface, which is no big deal, but it can also be due to a low tire or a loose wheel, which can be more troublesome.
3. Smoke or steam appears. It can be alarming to see smoke or steam coming out from the hood of your car and it’s a huge sign that something isn’t right. The cooling system is having a problem when you see steam and means that it may be over heating, which can damage the engine. Smoke is an indication that there is a big problem, like a fire in the engine. You need to pull over right away when you see smoke or steam.
4. Temperature or oil light turns on. When the temperature or oil light comes on, it’s an indication that there is a problem with your car and you need to pull over right away. The temperature light is a sign that the engine is overheating because the coolant level is low. This can lead to huge amounts of damage to engine parts. The oil light means there is a loss of oil pressure and can also cause a lot of damage to the engine.
5. Check engine light turns on. This light comes on for a reason—you need to check the engine! The problem might be minor but can also be serious. It’s not a good idea to take the chance that it might be a more serious problem, just pull over and figure out what’s going on.

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Your vehicle is a big investment and you want to have it around for as long as possible. When your car starts to act up you need to pull over to avoid any further damage. The next step will be to call Citywide Towing for help! Citywide Towing is available for all your towing and roadside assistance needs.

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