Roadside Assistance for Semi Trucks in Wilmer, TX; Flat Tire Change, Electrical Problems, Cooling System Issues & More

We, as a country, depend largely on semi-trucks to get our goods transported so that we can purchase them. Without these big rigs, we wouldn’t be able to function. While they are the largest trucks on the road, they are still just as, if not more than, prone to breaking down just like any other vehicles out there. Citywide Towing Service is here to talk about the most common reasons that these semi-trucks end up needing roadside assistance.

Flat Tire Change

By and large, the most common reasons these big rigs need roadside assistance has to do with their tires. Tire failure accounts for half of semi-truck breakdowns on the road. They run into tire trouble for the same reason that other vehicles on the road do, underinflation, worn treads, and misaligned axles. Because they are usually carrying such heavy loads, their tires tend to wear out faster than normal vehicles even though their tires are designed to handle such large loads.

Brake Problems

To slow down a big rig, the brakes have a lot of heavy lifting to do. Because of the high amount of pressure on the drums, they are more prone to overheating and other issues like rusting, corrosion, water contamination and more. This is why it is so important that they are inspected on a regular basis.

Cooling System Problems

The engines on these big rigs need a cooling system that works to keep them from overheating more than your normal vehicle. This important system is susceptible to breaking and disconnecting during the many miles of transit and that means that coolant is lost. If the truck starts to overheat because of this, it can cause huge issues as the truck can’t move forward without the help of roadside assistance.

Refrigeration Issues

Much of our food and medication as well as other goods are transported using refrigerated trucks. If there is a problem with the refrigerated trailers, the goods are going to be spoiled and thousands of dollars will be lost. If there is ever a problem with the refrigeration portion of these trucks, it is important that roadside assistance is there quickly to get the problem under control.

Semi Truck Electrical Problems

It’s no surprise that there is much more to the electrical system on a big rig than a normal truck. They are much more complex and require much more maintenance than a normal vehicle. They have three different electrical systems that need to be maintained the start motor, alternator and battery. If any of these systems have issues, roadside assistance will be needed right away.

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At Citywide Towing Services, we know that semi-trucks need roadside assistance just like any other vehicle out on the road. Our team of professionals are always standing by to offer the roadside assistance you need, no matter what you may be driving. No matter the time of day or night, give us a call next time you are stranded!

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