Roadside Assistance Tips in Dallas, TX; Get Car Out of Traffic, Turn on Hazard Lights, Call for Road Side Service & Towing if Vehicle Won’t Start

Most motorists can attest to the fact that it is never a convenient time for your vehicle to become incapacitated. When it happens not only is it usually at the most inconvenient time imaginable, but it also usually occurs during the worst of traffic conditions. When this type of situation strikes, it is helpful to be prepared. Instead of hoping a loved one can come to your aid, having a trusted professional to provide roadside assistance is optimal. Do some homework and program a tow company that also provides roadside assistance services. Store Citywide Towing‘s contact information in your phone to reach us quickly and conveniently. In the mean time, we at Citywide Towing would like to share some tips and advice on what to do if you are in need of roadside assistance.

Roadside Assistance Tips

1) Get your car out of traffic – Only if it is safe to do so, your first priority is to get your vehicle to safety; but again, only if you can do it safely. It is difficult to push a disabled vehicle along curves and corners. If the situation permits, choose a straight path to get your automobile out of the way. If the engine has cut out, and you can safely and within traffic laws, simply coast your vehicle to safety. The ultimate goal is to get your vehicle out of traffic and as far from the flow as possible. Be sure to flip your hazard lights on and if your vehicle takes a dive during rush hour, request law enforcement assistance to get your vehicle out of the flow of traffic.
2) Make your vehicle noticeable. After your vehicle is in a safe location, you want to ensure that commuters can see your vehicle in advance to avoid collisions. As previously mentioned, turn your hazard lights on not matter if it is day or night. After sunset, turn on the interior lights on to increase your visibility and lift your hood up. This allows your help spot you sooner and to help other motorists understand your situation. Additionally, if you have flares or hazard triangles, placing them around your vehicle appropriately can make your predicament clearer to onlookers.
3) Call for assistance. Now it is time to call in the professionals for assistance. The professionals can provide a limited amount of services in an effort to get your vehicle back in operation. If the problem is too complex for roadside assistance, the tow service can get your vehicle home or to your mechanic’s garage. If you do not have a cell phone, or a charged battery for your cell, or a signal, don’t freight, there are emergency boxes available where you can call for assistance.
4) Stay with or in proximity to your automobile. Following the completion of all the steps listed, there is not much left to do but wait for help to arrive. It is important you stay in your vehicle or in close proximity so the professionals can help you more efficiently. If you need out of your automobile, stay behind the barrier if they are there and conditions are favorable. High traffic situations promote danger and you are recommended to stay in the safety of your vehicle with the seat-belt fastened.

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