School Zone Road Safety Tips in Richardson, TX; Watching for Pedestrians, Driving Rules & More

As school starts again after a long summer break, it is important to remember that with the added kids that will be going to and from school, you need to be vigilant in driving safely. It is always nice to refresh your memory of the safety tips you should be following as you drive though a school zone. Citywide Towing Service is here to share some tips to help keep drivers as well as kids safe as we head back to school.

Safety Tips When Driving Through a School Zone

As school gets started, you may find that everywhere you look, there are school zones in your path. Following are some tips to help keep everyone safe.
Slow Down when Driving Through a School Zone: When you are driving through a school zone, the speed limit is 25 mph. That may see incredibly slow when you are used to driving at least twice that down other normal streets. Fines for getting caught speeding through a school zone are hefty, it is worth slowing down and taking your time as you drive through them. Not to mention, you and all the children around will be safer when you do so.
Be Alert when Schools is In: You need to be alert as you are driving through school zones. Be mindful that there will be added pedestrians in this area. Parents will be walking children across streets and kids on bikes and scooters will also be in the area as well. You need to be watching because kids aren’t always great at doing that themselves.
Plan for Time: It will take you longer as you are driving through a school zone and you need to plan for extra time getting to and from wherever you are going. Leave earlier for work to make up for the time you lose when you are driving through a school zone.
Stop for School Buses as Needed: It is important to stop for buses when they are letting children on and off the bus. There will be flashing lights as well as stop sign that is out when you need to stop. It puts everyone in danger when you don’t follow this very important rule.

Watch for Pedestrians on all Roadways

It is important you are always looking for pedestrians no matter where you are driving. Even when you are outside of a school zone, there are pedestrians all over when you are driving on roads that aren’t freeways. You should always be alert and scanning for these people so that you avoid any accidents that could end up being fatal.

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If you don’t want to deal with the steps above, you can always plan a different route to work as school is getting back in session. It may be worth it to you to avoid it altogether. At Citywide Towing Service, we offer our customers roadside and towing assistance whenever you need it. Call us today!

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