Scrap Car Value in DeSoto, TX; How Much Cash Can I Get to Junk My Old Cars for Parts & More?

Ever wonder why they crush cars and send them away? The bottom line in energy. It costs less to melt down car metal than it does to recover iron from ore. The scrap business has its up and downs. What sold high yesterday may have little value today. But metal recycling is in high demand. The Chinese were gobbling up scrap at a prodigious rate trying to fuel the expanding juggernaut Chinese economy. Steel was selling at $150/short ton (2000 lbs.). A 3,500 lbs truck was worth $500 as scrap. Then the demand slackened to about $0.04 lowering that to about between $240-$250. Now the Chinese are net exporters of steel. In fact, the price of all metals, including aluminum, copper, lead and brass are depressed. But there still may be gold in that junker; car parts.

Sell Car for Parts or Scrap

If the body is in good condition, front fenders, hoods, doors and trunk lids have value. If the car is a classic there will be a market for parts. Engines, transmissions and differentials have value. And the junk values will raise again due to future trading in commodities. Iron, steel, copper, lead and even plastics can be reused and repurposed. As these are commodities their value can fluctuate with the markets. A note on parts. The law says that car manufacturers must ensure parts available for ten years. After that the parts availability start drying up. Many restoration hobbyists travel around the nation trying to fine that “right” part. Mechanical and body/frame parts may have value far beyond their basic scrap price levels.

Selling a Totaled Car for Salvage

Stripping a vehicle for salvage is labor intensive. Transportation is another consideration. A tow/salvage/scrap yard will need to consider the cost of pickup versus value. You’ll pocket more cash if you deliver, either drive it if possible, or you can hire a company to tow it yourself if you are comfortable with the process.

Aluminum Parts of a Car Can Be Recycled

A big success story in the US is the recycling of aluminum beverage cans. But value of cans has cycled high and low. From over a dollar per pound down to about 45 cents a pound. About 80% of the cans manufactured are recycled, and surprisingly the high manganese content of the aluminum alloy makes the recovered material good for other things. The manganese makes the forming of the can easier. Each can contains about 1% manganese. The 5052-aluminum base, for beverage cans consists mostly of aluminum, but it contains small amounts of other metals as well. These are typically 1% magnesium, 1% manganese, 0.4% iron, 0.2% silicon, and 0.15% copper. Aluminum is also recycled at the end of life from products such as cars and building parts.

Recycling Car Computers & Electronic Devices

Another consideration is that the typical auto or truck has between 7 and more than 11 computer chips that run the engine and subsystems. At one time General Motors was the largest consumer of computer chips in the world. So, recovery of logic systems may provide another recycling path. Printed circuits in cars can be found in the computers that control the car’s engine and other functions. These computers include the powertrain control module (PCM) and the engine control unit (ECU) and monitor emission controls, antilock brakes (ABS), fuel injection, ignition timing, turbocharger boost, transmission shifting, and other engine functions. There are electronic devices such as printed circuit boards found in car audio systems, CD changers, electronic displays and navigation systems.

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The modern vehicle is a conglomeration of metal, plastics, computer subsystems, rubber and some other valuable parts. Even the custom knife makers like springs from pre-1963 vehicles because of their high carbon content. So, you may want to consider the motherload in that junk car, if you are willing to put out the effort. Citywide Towing Service offers cash for junk cars. We can even tow them off your property to remove the eyesores broken down and junk cars often become. Contact us to learn more today!

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