Auto Wrecker Services

Citywide Towing is a full service towing service, catering to the locals in the Greater Dallas, Texas area. We are completely licensed and insured to provide our reliable professional expertise and services to the community at affordable rates, and we are available 24/7 in the event of an emergency. With our skilled, trained, and experienced crew of specialists, we can ensure superior workmanship. Citywide Towing is proud to utilize premium tools, equipment, and products to respond to the motorist in need. Whether you are in need of a tow with specific needs, or need roadside assistance, Citywide Towing has your back. To reach us quickly and conveniently, especially in the need of an emergency, be sure to store our contact information in your cell phone.

Auto Wrecker Services for Auto Accident Collisions, Winchouts & More

Citywide Towing includes Auto Wrecker Services to our customers in Dallas, Texas and surrounding areas. There are many scenarios that make auto wrecker services highly beneficial and optimal for use. Below you will find a few examples where Citywide Towing auto wrecker service is more optimal.
1) Auto Accident Collisions. Your vehicle could be inflicted with critical damage without you realizing the severity of the condition, even in minor collisions. With Citywide Towing of Dallas, Texas responding with our auto wrecker service, our experts will assess the damage and consult with you on whether or not the vehicle can move safely.
2) Emergency Services. Your vehicle can experience electrical or mechanical problems at any given time; day or night, weekdays or weekends, as well as holidays. Having this situation can cause you stress and frustration, but with a reliable auto wrecker service provided from Citywide Towing we can give you the assistance you need.
3) Roadside Assistance. If your automobile is need of a tire change from a flat or shredded tire, or needs a little bit of fuel or other vehicle fluids, a battery jump, or if you require assistance to get you back into your locked vehicle; Citywide Towing auto wrecker service is available 24/7 for your convenience, especially if these issues arise after hours. In the event that your automobile is beyond the limited resources of roadside assistance, our experts can give you the tow you need to either get your vehicle home for the time being, or drop it off at your mechanic’s garage.
4) Safe Towing. Avoiding damage to your car and for safety of you and others on the road; contact the pros of Citywide Towing of Dallas, Texas instead of the inexperienced friend that has a tow chain and no clue how to use it safely. Contact Citywide Towing auto wrecker service for a safe tow to the destination.
5) Winching. If your automobile has found itself in a ditch or a similar tight spot, you have a trusted resource to get you out quickly and efficiently with Citywide Towing auto wrecker service.

Auto Wrecker Services & More in Duncanville, Grand Prairie, Arlington, Irving, Mesquite & Greater Dallas, Texas

There are countless situations where an auto wrecker service is ideal, and Citywide Towing can perform the services you need safely, quickly, and efficiently. If you are in need of an auto wrecker service, contact Citywide Towing today and let our talented experts come to your aid.

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