Car Electrical Problems

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Troubleshooting Car Electrical Problems

Citywide Towing is here to respond to your vehicle having electrical problems or failure in the Dallas County, Texas area. Car electrical problems are something that occur often without warning. Below you will find the most common examples.
1. Dimming Headlights: A charging malfunction, such as a resistant electrical system, wires that are loose, or an extremely discharged battery can manifest itself through dim headlights or brake. Low system voltage could also be the cause of dim lights. After the voltage drops below adequate levels, it can contribute to such difficulties in the safety systems. Disabled traction control will cause the vehicle to stall out. A loose or cracked belt will render your alternator insufficient which will prevent your vehicle from maintaining battery voltage.
2. Engine Won’t Crank or Start Up: Having a faulty battery will affect a number of car components such as the starter or engine other issues in your engine, as well as electrical system components. A defective component in the electrical system can be what is also causing your battery to drain your battery or preventing the starter from cranking the engine. When turning the key you can hear a clicking noise if the starter can’t get the proper current flow to engage. The starter may be the issue which would be a bad or discharged battery; additionally hearing a grinding noise while cranking is the product of a bad starter or flywheel ring gear. The moving electrical components in older cars and/or a vehicle with higher mileage will get worn and deteriorated needing an electrical replacement service.
3. Blown Fuses in Car: A red flag that there is a blown fuse is an indication that an electrical device or wiring is drawing too much current. The first priority is to find and repair the root of the problem before simply replacing the fuse and calling it fixed. After the fuse is replaced be sure to monitor the fuse closely. If there is excessive fuse replacements, there are other problems.
4. Car Smells Like Something is Burning: Smelling any melting plastic or electrical insulation burning odors is nothing to take lightly. If the electrical system is having a problem, it needs immediate attention. Electrical circuits in your vehicle are engineered to maintain specific quantities of current. Just one wire or component that shorts can cause the circuits to compensate by drawing in more power than it can handle.

Emergency Towing for Car Electrical & Other Problems in Duncanville, Grand Prairie, Arlington, Irving, Mesquite & Greater Dallas, Texas

Citywide Towing of Dallas County, Texas can respond quickly to you if your vehicle should experience any electrical failure or other problem that leaves you stranded. Contact us for all your towing and roadside assistance needs!

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