Roadside Assistance

At Citywide Towing we provide 24/7 roadside assistance for motorists in Dallas County, Texas and the surrounding areas. If you find yourself in the position of running out of gas, have a dead battery, flat tire, are locked out of your car, or if you have been in an accident, contact us immediately. We have the necessary tools and equipment to repair the problem or transport your vehicle to the location of your choosing.

Fast & Reliable Road Side Assistance Services in Dallas County, Texas

If you find yourself stranded with an inoperable vehicle, contact the knowledgeable experts at Citywide Towing for immediate assistance. There are many reasons to rely on our roadside assistance services including a tire blow out, an empty gas tank, vehicle lockouts, and a jumpstart to name but a few. We provide professional service and assistance to motorists in need by repairing or replacing flat tires, filling gas tanks, jumpstarting batteries and getting them back into their vehicles and safely on the road with minimal down time.

Fast & Reliable Accident Recovery and Clean Up

Being involved in a wreck can be a harrowing experience, leaving you shaken and on edge. At Citywide Towing we provide fast and reliable emergency accident recovery services to safely tow your vehicle to the service location of your choosing.

Fast & Reliable Flat Tire Change Services

Stranded on the side of the road and need to change a flat tire? Just about all of us have been in a situation where we find ourselves in this predicament as well as lacking the necessary equipment to get it changed quickly. Our professional and understanding service providers will arrive promptly with all the necessary equipment to professionally replace your flat tire to get you safely back on the road again.

Fast & Reliable Fuel, Fluid & Air Delivery Services

Stopped on the side of the road out of gas? Don’t be embarrassed; contact the friendly service providers at Citywide Towing for assistance. Never risk your safety by attempting to walk to the nearest gas station instead contact us for immediate fuel delivery. Our professional customer service personnel will jot down your location and send the nearest service provider to fill up your tank to get you back safely on your way. We also provide delivery of other vehicle fluids as well as air when needed.

Fast & Reliable Auto Lockout Services

Are you stuck outside with your keys locked safely inside your vehicle? Don’t despair! Contact the experienced personnel at Citywide Towing for prompt emergency assistance. Our lockout services are available to safely unlock your vehicle without the risk of damage to your locks or doors.

Emergency Road Side Assistance Services in Duncanville, Grand Prairie, Arlington, Irving, Mesquite & Greater Dallas, Texas

When you are having difficulties with your vehicle, or find yourself in the aftermath of an accident you have the peace of mind of knowing that the experienced professionals at Citywide Towing are available to assist you. When you contact Citywide Towing for roadside assistance you have the assurance and peace of mind that prompt, professional road side service is only a phone call away, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. For information regarding 24/7 Roadside Assistance and Emergency towing services, local and long distance towing, lockout services and more in Dallas County, Texas, contact the experienced professionals at Citywide Towing today!

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