Medium Duty AKA Truck Towing

Citywide Towing is readily available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the motorists of the Greater Dallas Texas area. We are fully licensed and insured to provide our professional expertise and services to the community at affordable pricing. No matter what kind of towing you are in need of for any automobile, Citywide Towing has a fleet of capable towing vehicles fully equipped. When it comes to roadside assistance service, our skilled experts feature high-end products, equipment, and tools to offer the assistance you need with quality. The team of Citywide is experienced, trained, and skilled in their position. Citywide continually extends friendly and courteous customer services and applies traditional values and morals to every service executed with superior workmanship.

Medium Towing Rates

Citywide Towing offers truck towing, or also referred to as medium duty towing options to the locals of the Dallas, Texas and surrounding areas. Saving you time and money, Citywide Towing medium duty fleet is billed at medium duty prices; as opposed to the many towing providers will dispatch heavy duty wreckers for medium duty towing to increase fees. Vehicles over 26,001 to 49,999 lbs are in the heavy duty category, medium duty vehicles are 10,001lbs to 26,000lbs; some medium duty vehicles may require a larger truck to tow them, depending on the equipment installed on the truck.

Vehicle Towing Capacity Chart

Citywide Towing medium duty vehicles are classified under 3 classes; 4, 5 and 6, depending on their gross weight rating (GVWR); medium duty towing is recommended for the following:
– The Class 4 truck GVWR from 14,001 – 16,000 pounds. Vehicles in this class include select Ford F-450 trucks, the GMC 4500, and Dodge Ram 4500 for example.
– The Class 5 truck GVWR ranging from 16,001 to 19,500 pounds. Such examples of trucks in this class are the GMC 5500, International TerraStar, and the Ford F-550.
– The Class 6 truck GVWR that range between 19,501 to 26,000 pounds. These trucks in this class the GMC Topkick C6500, the Ford F-650, and International Durastar.

Requesting a Medium Duty Tow

Citywide Towing’s medium duty tow service is not that much different from towing a regular car, but applying the following tips can ensure that there are no errors made and that medium duty towing services are completed efficiently.
1) When making the arrangements for a medium towing service, be sure to know the make and model of the motor vehicle. If you know the GVWR – Gross Vehicle Weight, it can help through the prompt delivery of the right truck for your needs.
2) Affecting the total vehicle weight, the medium duty motor vehicles often carry equipment and loads; notifying our Citywide Towing dispatch representative about any additional baggage can avoid the wrong accommodations.
3) Additionally, to help Citywide Towing effectively find out the availability of a service unit which will handle its total capacity for the medium duty towing, understanding the actual length, width, and height of your motor vehicle is exceptionally useful.
4) Do note that the size is going to be essential in order to provide the appropriate solutions and prevent possible problems if you require medium duty towing service for equipment.

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If you are in need of medium duty towing service in the Greater Dallas, Texas area, contact Citywide Towing and let our specialists get you what you need!

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