Signs of a Bad Car Battery in Euless, TX; Dim Headlights, Slow Cranking of Vehicle, Clicking Noise when Starting & More

An average life of an automobile battery averages between 1 to 3 years depending on the quality of the battery. Climate also plays a major role in the life of a battery. Intense heat can decrease a battery’s life causing even the best quality battery to only last 2 years. When a battery begins to fail it will provide some warning signs. If warning signs are detected the driver can replace the battery before resulting in an unexpected break down. Citywide Towing Service would like to help you avoid an unexpected break down and share some of the most unmistakable signs that your battery is beginning to fail.

Dim Headlights

One of the early signs that the battery is losing its charge is the headlights will appear dimmer. Often the electrical system will be effected first and the headlights will become weaker and not provide as much light as normal. When you notice the lights appearing dimmer, have the battery charge tested. You may find it is time to replace the battery.

Car Starts But Makes Clicking Noise

When you go to start your vehicle, and you turn the key, the battery will send an electrical current to the starter solenoid. When the battery is beginning to die out it will have a weaker electrical current which will cause a clicking sound. If you are hearing a clicking sound as you turn the key, your battery is probably close to dying.

Slow Cranking of Vehicle

A similar issue when the battery charge is becoming weaker is when starting the vehicle, it turns over much more slowly than it usual. This is caused when sound electrical current is powering up the starter but not as much as normal. Slow turnover is an earlier warning sign that the battery is losing its charge and will need to be replaced in the short future. When the vehicle turns over slowly do not prolong replacing the battery or you can easily find yourself broken down.

Need to Press the Gas Pedal

When starting your vehicle if you need to press on the gas pedal to get the vehicle to start, the battery is beginning to fail. The need to press down on the gas pedal can point to many problem, one is a dying battery. To make sure the battery isn’t failing you can have the battery charge checked and tested, if the battery is failing a simple replacement is all you need.

Car Backfire Sound

Backfiring is a loud and obvious sign that the battery is failing. A failing battery will cause intermittent or sporadic sparks. The sparking can lead to fuel accumulating in the vehicle’s cylinder. Over time, and with enough build up, the fuel will ignite which will cause the backfire. Backfire can be caused by other mechanical issues. To make sure your battery isn’t the culprit, again, have the battery tested.

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Make sure to watch for signs your battery is failing to avoid an unexpected break down. If you find yourself needing a jump to get you home, contact Citywide Towing Service for roadside assistance and towing services.

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