Signs of Transmission Problems in Cedar Hill, TX to Avoid Needing a Tow; Grinding Gears, Leaking Fluid & More

Posing a major danger to drivers and passengers alike, transmission problems in your vehicle can quickly have a domino effect. The issues lead to more severe and expensive to repairs of not dealt with immediately. Recognizing the transmission issues in your vehicle, can help prevent further damage as well as help you avoid breaking down on the side of the road. Today, we at Citywide Towing Service would like to share the signs of transmissions issues.

Grinding Gears

Varying between automatic and manual transmission vehicles, the troubles of transmission signs can manifest differently. Whining and grinding sounds in the gears develop with automatic transmission problems and an RMP change and a feeling of pulling during gear changes can be noticed. An indication that usually makes the transmission’s synchronizers are broken, or the clutch is degraded can make the manual transmission issues lead to grinding gear sounds.

Car Noises when in Neutral Position

Where it can simply be due to a lack of transmission fluid, you may hear bumping sounds when your car is in neutral. Be sure to check if your transmission fluid is empty if you hear the sounds. If you have adequate levels of transmission fluid, you need a mechanic.

Transmission Fluid Leak

You likely have a GPA in your transmission system if you see transmission fluid stains on the ground beneath your car. These stains are usually red or green, and this leak likely stems from your pan gasket, torque converter seal, or fluid lines.

Clunking Noise when Shifting or Changing Gears

Your transmission is likely the culprit when you heat odd clunking sounds when you change gears. Get the vehicle to a mechanic as soon as possible in the event you hear these sounds for assistance.

Transmission Burning Smell

This red flag not only indicates transmission trouble, but it is a major that can be pointing to overheating transmission oil inside the transmission box. Should you smell any burning odors, seek a mechanics assistance immediately and avoid driving the vehicle.

Dashboard Warning Lights

Service Engine Soon is never something anyone wants to see. All sorts of things can be an issue and they should definitely not be ignored as the sign on your dashboard indicates a problem. Picking up the slightest of problems, the sensors are designed and placed throughout your car’s engine to identify issues early. Be sure to get your car inspected as soon as you can when you see the light illuminate and do not procrastinate when it does.

Delayed Shifting

To switch gears instantaneously is how your transmission was designed. When there is a delayed response and it doesn’t immediately do what you want it to, you know there is an issue with your transmission.

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In some cases, if the transmission fluid is low, Citywide Towing Service can bring transmission fluid to your location to get you on your way without too much issue. However, if your vehicle demonstrates more of the severe red flags, do not risk driving the vehicle and creating further damage. You can contact Citywide Towing Service for a tow and we can drop your vehicle at your mechanic’s garage.

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