Signs & Symptoms of a Weak or Bad Car Battery in University Park, TX; How to Diagnose & Test

All vehicles use a battery to start and run certain electrical functions. A vehicle’s battery is designed to recharge by utilizing the vehicle’s alternator when the engine is running. However, batteries only last so long and when exposed to extreme heat, it even shortens the life of a battery. Your vehicle will begin to show some warning signs that the battery is dying and will eventually need to be replaced, so you need to pay attention when these signs occur. Citywide Towing Service will share these signs to help you know when you need to replace your car’s battery and help prevent you getting stuck on the road.

Why Does My Car Make a Clicking Sound When I Try to Start it?

One of the first signs that often accompany a dying battery is in the way it starts when you turn the key. If your vehicle seems to have a struggle getting the power it needs to turn the engine, the battery may be at fault. However, if the vehicle eventually starts, this means you’re running low on a charge. When you start your car, your vehicle uses a single spark that is produced by the battery, which in turn ignites the mixture of gasoline and air. The reason why the vehicle may struggle to turn over when the battery is running low on charge is because there isn’t enough charge to create a big enough spark to start car. When the battery is extremely low you may get a clicking noise when you attempt to start the vehicle.

Dimming Headlights is a Symptom of a Bad Car Battery

Another sign that the car’s battery is running low is when your head lights appear to be dimmer than usual. You can perform a simple test by having a person stand in front of the vehicle as another person starts the car. If the head lights are dimmer when starting the car this is a sign your battery has a low charge and is dying. Of course, it is best to perform this test at night or in the dark.

Test Whether Your Car Has Electrical System Problems

If your vehicle has a hard time starting or you suspect the battery is dying, activate the power window. If the windows struggle to move up or down it’s a sign that the battery is dying. You can also try other electrical accessories such as the radio or interior lights. If they all appear to be working incorrectly, then there is a good chance it is the battery.

Car Won’t Start Indicated a Dead Battery

Of course the last and final sign that your battery is just dead is when you get inside your vehicle to start and nothing happens; no light and no spark. Nothing occurs. This happens when your vehicle battery has just died. Of course, there are usually warning signs to help you replace your battery before it gets to this point.

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If your vehicle is having a hard time starting, dim lights, or poor performance from your electrical accessories, these common signs suggest you should replace your vehicle’s battery. In most situations if you are stranded and need help starting your car, you can call a service company to help jump start your vehicle’s battery. A jump start is a temporary solution and can help get you home or to an auto store to replace your battery. Citywide Towing Service provides both towing and roadside assistance and can help jump start your car when the occasion arises. If your battery has died on you don’t panic. Contact Citywide Towing.

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